” the liberty to follow the flexible college

” If only you’d have told me this

Well, if you have been an apprentice
in an organization, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Internships are an opportunity given
to students to gain experience and an insight into their dream organization or
their chosen field of study. Gone are the days where interns were meant solely
for mundane tasks or fetching coffee. Now, everyone aims to attain a specific
purpose at the end of their internship, preparing themselves to take on a
journey filled with adventure, hurdles, challenges, brainstorming and a BOSS.
But sometimes the expectations of what your ‘picture-perfect’ internship has to
offer to outweigh the reality.

1. Time – Your new best friend

“A late night party on a
Wednesday when you were in college? It’s easy – we’ll skip the first

 Well, you can’t anymore. One of the many
skills that your mentors will judge you on is – the most basic Punctuality.
Punctuality is a cardinal attribute in an employee at a workplace. The
organization will seek interns who show the proclivity for punctuality.  Therefore, it is essential to always show up
on time. It reflects a positive feature – reliability and that you can be
trusted with deadlines.

2. Hello, new routine!

The first day of your internship will
give you a very clear idea about how will your rest of the days during the
internship be like. Depending on the working hours of the organization, your
new routine will be designed accordingly. So you will not have the liberty to
follow the flexible college schedule. From being punctual to work to fixed
lunch hours to a steady sleep cycle.

3. Practice social capitalism

Experience never gets old. Having the
knowledge and abilities are not the only two factors that will swift you
through your internship. Being likeable is equally important in a workplace.
This will not only help you keep a positive vibe but also make them quench your
thirst for knowledge. At the end of the day, they have invested a considerate
amount of time and effort in the industry or organization you are inquisitive
about. Talking to them over lunch or coffee could help you gain an insight into
their journey and experiences – which could prove to be a priceless piece of

4. You are the VP of Misc. Stuff

You’re wrong if you think that you
will be confined to what you are ‘entitled’ to do. Being an intern, you will
eventually do a little of everything. From a normal task like creating an excel
sheet to coming out with a unique solution to a challenging problem. But, it is
essential to look at it from an optimistic angle. Performing these tasks will
prove to be an opportunity to learn new skills and create a deep understanding
of the organization or the industry. Hence, this will eventually manifest a
strong foundation in this field of study.

5. No one is perfect. It is okay to make

Another important learning- everyone
makes mistakes. But what’s important is how you rectify your mistake and learn
out of it. I was always told “It’s okay to make mistakes, everyone does.
But how you ameliorate and learn out of it is the important aspect.”
Overcome the fear of making a mistake. 


But remember, at the end of the day
this internship will be about learning. And learning takes time and patience.
Hence, in the end, it will be either make you confident about your choice or a
reality check that it is not meant for you.