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You have experienced sneakers, ked, canvas shoes, etc.?
Perhaps these have become too outdated and boring! You are skeptical about
buying new ones, but there is a reason to
rejoice. Introducing a new generation of footwear- Futurecraft 4D.

Adidas, the premium brand in sportswear unveiled its first
3d printed shoe, the Futurecraft 4D. It’s not the case that they are the first,
but what makes this case striking is it’s gonna be the first to be mass
produced. The footwear giant has tied up with Carbon, who is credited with the world’s fastest 3d printers.

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The mid-sole of the shoe will be printed using a unique
technology” Continuous Liquid Interface Production” in which the design
required will be formed by pulling out the vat from the resin. The ultimate
shape of the shoe will be fixed utilizing
ultraviolet light. The process starts from the bottom and is totally permeable
to oxygen and digital light.  Upon formation, the sole will be attached to top
manufactured by traditional means.

This process plays a quite significant role in the
innovation of the shoe and unlike traditional injecting plastic material, it
consists of one complete cycle. It is comparatively faster, uses materials that
are robust, providing greater strength and ultimate finish to the product. The
process is adaptable making mass production of shoes by 3d printing a reality.

Adidas envisions to form about 5000 pairs of Futurecraft 4D
by the end of June and is a vast
improvement from their last 3d scale runners.

They are particularly beneficial for small events and
athletes who have varied requirements. They would be a perfect gift molded for one’s personal gait.

The shoes are firm and comfortable at the same instant. The
ease of modification could lead to the development
of various designs, depending upon the market. This puts us one step closer
where everyone can have their own personal footwear.