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Written Task

Yorkie bar;

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The Yorkie bar is an English chocolate bar which was mainly
aimed towards men as their customers due to their mentality that girls in
general weren’t worth consuming the chocolate.

Months ago, I heard about this Nestlé’s new chocolate bar
which was called “Yorkie” it was this huge chocolate bar which was sold mostly
in the UK. And this particular chocolate bar uses this as their ad slogan, “It’s
Not for Girls”.

 A while back, one
friend of mine from the UK “Joseph Lewis” came to spend some time with me in
Nepal and Nepal being a country under development we don’t get Yorkie chocolate
bars as such, and I had requested him if he could grab me some of the chocolate
bars. Even for Joseph the Yorkie bar was something he couldn’t resist in showing
me, while I had gone into deep thinking about how something like an ordinary
chocolate bar could turn out to be so sexist/gender biased. Once Joseph came
over to my place we both sat and thought what would happened if a girl had taken
a bite out of yorkie bar, so than we decided on calling one more friend over
who happened to be a girl that was willing to have a bite of the bar. So we all
sat down together and studied the wrapper for its ingredients and for any other
writings to find any information as to why it should not be consumed by
females. On the wrapper it states clearly “IT’S NOT FOR GIRLS”. We tore the
wrapper apart and each of us had a bite of it.


And guess what? Nothing seemed too happened to us after
we all had a bite of the bar… We asked my friend if she was feeling anything
different or something unusual, and to our disappointment, we came to a conclusion
 that the bar was just an ordinary plain,
old chocolate. The only thing we could figure out was that they as in the
nestle company decided to market their product to males simply because the
chocolate bar is bigger than our typical chocolate bar that we get in our local
market, with almost twice as amount of fat and calories it holds.


 After getting to
know that there is literary nothing wrong if a girl consume the chocolate bar,
we decided to have a look at the advertisements… And shockingly, the adverts
tries to show their consumer as a macho man who is strong male image etc. lorry
drivers, labor worker, they try to make the bar seem powerful it gives men back
power and makes them stronger. This ad could also appeal to the feminists who
would want to ‘prove’ the ad wrong as when you are told you can’t have
something you wants.


In the ad there are two main characters that play the role;
one of them is a big proud male shopkeeper who doesn’t want to sell chocolate bar
to this fake guy (it is a girl dressed up as a man). As it’s obvious that the
man in front of the shopkeeper is actually a girl, so than he decides on testing
her on a very stereotypical manner which manly tests both knowledge and
physical ability of a man. This is strange approach since most shopkeepers
would want to make as much sales as they can in order to generate profits, she
desires the Yorkie bar so bad she goes with a costume on (dressed up as a man),
however he catches her out by using typical girl stereotypes such as flattery
instead of boy stereotypes (complimented her on her eyes) as it’s said that if
u compliment girl about her eyes its real fascinating for them.

In the ad we don’t really see the Yorkie
bar that much until the very end of the video when its branded with a “No Girls
Sign” (like the one on the left) to replace the ‘O’ with a no women sign on the
spelling of yorkie, and also not even mentioned once that it is a chocolate bar
within the advert.


In the ad, we see a strong use of autonomy as the ad
singles out girls to not being suitable enough for the product,
we also see the need of aggression and dominance as it
gives women a need to prove they are manly enough to handle the
chocolate bar. The advert gives off an impression that women are not worthy
enough to even buy a Yorkie bar where as men are strong and knowledgeable
without fears making them more deserving for the chocolate bar.