Writing a strong thesis statement and introductory paragraph

Writing an essay paper is one of the most common requirements for school students, college students and not so often for university students.The evaluation of student’s professional skills will be based most on its substantive quality. A well-researched, clearly organized, critically analyzed, strong written essay paper will increase student’s professional standing, opposite to this, a poorly done essay paper will fling a shadow on student’ professionalism.An essay paper is primarily a discussion or argument based on a thesis, which includes evidence from several collected sources.Organizing your Essay paperThere are at least 3 ways to approach essay paper:? Chronological approach? Analytical approach? Theoretical approachHowever, usually these approaches are combined in one essay paper.Follow next steps to complete your essay paper1. Select a topic2. Find reliable sources sources3. Write an outline4. Write a thesis statement5. Write a first draft of your essay paper6. Revise and re-write if needed7. Read it at least twice and proofread your essay paperSelecting an Essay Paper TopicIf you’re free to choose your topic, try to select a topic that you are most interested in and familiar with. Once the topic chosen do not forget to discuss it with your professor. Also, it’s very important, try to find three specific questions to answer about your topic. Do not choose too general topic for your essay paper.Write a First DraftDevelop a strong thesis statement and introductory paragraph of your Essay paper. Follow your plan and outline while writing your essay paper. You may find that you don’t have enough information, and you may need to support your paper with additional materials. Do not try to write an excellent paper from the first try. That’s why we need to write first drafts!Read you first draft few times, than you can add information, paraphrase sentences etc. Keep editing and re-writing till you’ll be fully satisfied with your essay paper.Proof ReadWhen you think your essay paper is excellent, proof read it! Make sure that your final draft is free of all kinds of errors: spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. Also, do not forget to check your bibliography page, to make sure you’ve included every source used in essay paper.Finally, check the original instructions from your professor to make sure you’ve followed all directions: title page directions, placement of page numbers, citation style, margins etc. We also suggest to use ?a last-minute proofreading? method. In last minutes, before submitting essay paper, student may find mistakes in his/her paper. It’s better to correct such mistakes with pen and ink than to leave an error.