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I have decided to do a project about a games manual I will be doing a game called M, S, R 2 (MERTROPOLIS STREET RACER 2) a sequel to a very successful game (metropolis street racer for the dreamcast) this game is about a racing car game in which you have to drive through levels and levels of hard core racing action and unlike the other car racing games this will be better than the rest as it will allow you to

Unlock different hidden levels and cars also which is very unique to this type of game will be the online functions which will enable you to compare scores with other people around the world it will gave a chose of three major cities London, San Francisco and Tokyo to drive and two hundred and fifty stages to get through. But you can only do this by earning KUDOS you can earn KUDOS by the style in which you drive the way advance through the game will depend on the way through the game.

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The software I will be using will be Microsoft word as I am familiar with it also I will use the Internet for different types of information I will often use a real games manual for a guide line I will be producing this game for saga Dreamcast, the game will be run on a 128mb console, . As well as developing game’s manual I will have to find out the right publishing company, this basically mean a team who can design bill board posters and interviews for the magazines and maybe a television campaign The background

The bizarre creations team will be asked to perform daily updates to me so I can see how the game is getting on, I will also set daily targets, this I hope will motivate the team and boost the work rate. Business cards I will produce a new business card, I will be designing this card on software called Microsoft publisher, I will have our business logo on the also I will have our teams motto. I will be having the usual things on my card such as the offices phone number; my personnel mobile number our web site address. The problem to be tackled

As well as developing the game I will also have to find a production company, to put the game on the shop[s shelves and maybe a television campaign, the way I will find a production ream is by using the business pages and once I have found the appropriate team I will write them a letter, to inform them I would be needing the use of there services. This page is, basically just to let the ser to change sum of the functions, like the music. They will be able to change the volume of the music. Also you will be able to change the race distances.

And which is also a good feature is that you will have the ability to change the time of the game to real g. m. t (Grenich mean time). This is particularly use fill because it allows it makes the game more interactive as. Say for example if its dark in London the game will realize the time and gradually start getting dark. Finding a producer To find the right production team I will look in the business pages, to find the right team I will rite to a number of production teams, and arrange a meeting with them.

I have decided to word process the letter because it will look more professional, I have written out the letter that I will write to these production teams, Letter to various production teams Here is a reply, from 1 of our companies that we applied to, to perform the task that was stated on the letter. The final copy of my business card that I will be sending to the various companies Flow chart Evaluation Strengths of the packages used.