You selection interview, which I performed as

You may want to consider what you did well and what you did not do so well and what improvements could be made for future interviews. Evaluate your experience of the recruitment planning process. I had to participate in a selection interview, which I performed as an interviewer. There were many aspects where I thought I did well such as introducing myself to the interviewee. The tone was appropriate and I introduced myself to the interviewee by shaking hands. I also thought my body language was appropriate throughout the interview; I made sure I listened well and always made eye contact.

Another aspect I though went well was the questions. I asked the interviewee if there was a time when he performed well dealing with a customer request. The interviewee answered ‘yes’, a customer wanted a shoe which was not in stock at that moment. I probed the answer well by asking if the interviewee found them and they did by ordering them from another store. Although there were positives within the interview there also were elements that did not go so well or could have been improved. Such as when questioning the interviewee I should have included some closed questions where the interviewee could only answer yes or no.

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The interviewer is likely to use closed questions; at the start of the interview when they are taking basic personal details of the client. At intervals throughout the discussion when the interviewer wants to check applicants have their facts right. Also at the end of the interview to sum up and agree on future action. Example of closed question, are you willing to travel more than 25% of your time in the job? ” All that is required is a “Yes or No”. The questions could have been in a more appropriate order so the interview flowed better. Also the questions should have been planned from the CV.

To make the interview flow better I should have included the questions ‘what did you know about the store and why would you like to work at fab footsies’ near the beginning of the questions. Overall I thought my experience of the recruitment planning process went well. I felt I got enough information I needed from the interviewee to understand what sort of worker they will be and how they will react in certain situations. I feel the recruitment planning process could have been improved by having three interviewers as one member of the team was away.

By having more interviewers there will be more opinions and more views on which applicant to choose for the certain job title. Another factor that could have been avoided was the interviewee’s phone rang in the middle of the interview. The interviewee should have turned his phone off or not of had it at all during the interview. The final thing that could have improved the planning process was the other interviewer; he was relaxed and quite quiet throughout the interview. If the interviewer was more alert and involved the interview itself would have seem more formal. Unit 13 – Recruitment and Selection Tutor – Fiona Shaw Purdey Dhillon.