Advertising, Rakesh, Mohan. International Marketing. New Delhi: Oxford

Advertising, promotion, and marketing makes the business world have a share of its fun, creativity, innovation, and entertainment; in the case, the world lacks these business processes, then the fund of the business world would be lost.

When marketers are coming up with adverts or promotional materials, they have to be creative and enact such appropriate measures that ensure that they capture the mood and attention of target market; the creativity is to not only the advert but also the product itself. In the case that there is marketing, then the brain of creativity would remain unutilized and the result is dull world.

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Through marketing, advertising and promotions, companies are able to sell their products to consumers; they are meant to persuade and create awareness of the existence of certain products in the market. With aggressive marketing, companies improve their sales thus their profits, this leads to an improved living conditions and satisfaction of stakeholders.

When there is no marketing then, the world will have unexploited resources since their market will be minimal. People in the society will remain uninformed and miss an opportunity to take advantage of prevailing conditions that offer better commodities in the market.

To some extent, marketing controls the prices that commodities are sold as well as the quality delivered by different companies. In the situation that a consumer is aware of only one supplier, then the supplier can easily exploit the customer as he has created a sense of monopoly. When some companies market their commodities, then consumers are given a variety of choices thus they can choose the supplier who offer them quality at an affordable cost.

Marketing increase consumers’ severity and choice of commodities or services; when a number of products are marketed, the consumer is able to choose the commodity that will offer them a high utility. With an increase consumer utility level, then living standards, and value for money is attained. Marketing is a platform that enhances competition among traders; it involves a mind game where one company predicts the approach that the competitor will use to increase his market.

The mind game leads to an improved use of resources, improved customer service, invention and innovation of commodities that fit the needs of customers. If marketing were not there, shift of the customer as the most important part of the business would occur to have the interests of the trader as the most important. This will lead to resources that are utilized for profit making only without considering other factors that might create value to the consumer (Rakesh 34-56).

Marketing on its own has supported other industries like the media industry which get a large portion of its revenue from adverts, thus if the business process is not done, then the growth of media industry that has opened the world could be hampered. This would lead to a world that is less informed or in the dark; with marketing inequality among societal members is reduced since people are informed with ways they can get better services or products at relatively lower prices.

Indirect marketing programs have assisted communities; for example ethical business processes, and corporate social responsibilities programs are a blessing to communities, thus if marketing, advertising, and promotion are done away with, then communities are bound to suffer (Parente 12-34).

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