World shock is some mental and physically symptoms


World history, have a lot of wars and awful events.
Wars are very stressful and traumatic a incident for everyone. People can be
lose own family, friends or economic opportunity due to wars. Victims, shows
hopelessness and anxiety. They have to hear bomb sound, see other victims dead
bodies,blood, bad smells. All of them, to occur psychological disorders on
people. This affects valid to both folk and soldiers. How was wars effect to
modern psychology development? Freud, Adler,Maslow, Horney and Gestalt moved to
USA in consequence of First World War. Most important cause that moving about
modern psychology development. For example, ”Freud when see massacres in wars,
he said, sexuality is important at least like agression. Another example is
Eric Fromm. Because he interested to abnormal behaviors after the war”
(Schultz & Schultz, 2016). During the war,psychologist were add to a new term;
Shell Shock. Shell shock is some mental and physically symptoms on soldiers. ”During
World War One, soldiers exhibiting similar patterns of symptoms were given the
label “shell shock.” The cause of their invalidity and, therefore, the
appropriate form of management was the subject of considerable debate. Some
hardline medical doctors, such as Gordon Holmes, believed that servicemen who
broke down on the battlefield and failed to return to duty after a short period
of recuperation showed a lack of resolve, which should be addressed by military
discipline rather than continued hospitalization. By contrast, Charles Myers,
consulting psychologist to British forces in France, argued that each soldier
patient should be assessed on his merits. (E. Jones, Psychological Wounds of
Conflict: The Impact of World War One, 2014) After the First World War,
soldiers said to lie to escape from military

service and they ignored to fight. After war, 306
soldier get hanged because    of

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 Folk people
had a lot of problem. People lost their family, friends, maybe lost some organs.
Community psychology collapsed and this mental situtiton blocked to bind of
wounds for countries. Goverments began working to fix the mental health of the
people.Hospitals began working the related chapters. Second World War that
spurred the setting up of the National Institute of Mental Health in USA.
”During the Second World War (1939-45) psychiatrists in the United States used
psychological testing to determine a recruit’s suitability to be a soldier.
Despite these tests, the effects of battle were still hard on soldiers. Many
demonstrated symptoms of high levels of stress, a condition referred to as
battle fatigue. These soldiers were removed from the fighting and rested. More
women were closer to the front lines than in previous wars, but the authorities
still thought they were less suited to being close to the fighting than men. A
number of men and women were discharged from the forces in the Second World War
as they were considered unsuitable for the military (Science Museum. Brought to
Life: Exploring the History of Medicine). Taking into account all of these,
psychology did not only spoken, ?t was began to applied.