Working subject regarding healthcare always seems to

Working and ultimately providing
Medicaid for individuals who are not employed and have no desire to work
although they are able bodied, almost sounds like a crime doesn’t it? With a
new Health Plan recently put in place in Kentucky, all individuals who are well
and able will now be held accountable for providing healthcare for

The Health Plan proposed
and supported by Governor Matt Bevin will now require able bodied individuals
from 19 to 64, disregarding those who are physically unable, to “…work, get job
training or perform community service for at least 20 hours a week to qualify
for coverage, starting in July.” (Porter) The goal of the implemented Health
Plan, is to help encourage all eligible individuals to work to provide for
themselves instead of waiting on government assistance to be dispersed each
month. Individuals included in the new Health Plan will be required to pay for
their coverage, in conjunction with working or completing the required amount
of community service. While Kentucky was the first state to propose a Health
Plan such as this one, other states including Arizona, Indiana, Arkansas, Maine
and many others are not far behind in presenting their own proposals if they
have not already done so. Although millions of Americans who are current
Medicaid recipients are at risk of losing their healthcare, the result of a
financial surplus because of the new plan being heavily favored by the Trump
administration. As of 2018, approximately half of the Medicaid recipients residing
in Kentucky do not meet the required work parameters according to the governments
standards. After revisions to the Medicaid recipient list are made excluding
around 100,000 individuals, the plan is “…expected to reduce Medicaid spending
by $2.4 billion over five years.” (Porter)

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Any subject regarding
healthcare always seems to be a tough one because of the differing opinions of
so many. I personally support the Health Plan recently established in Kentucky.
It only makes sense to require those who are physically capable of obtaining a
job, to work in order to provide healthcare for themselves. I feel that too
many individuals, some being young and some being elderly, unrightfully rely on
Medicaid and the healthcare system to take care of their needs although they are
not employed or attempting to be a productive part of society. While there are individuals
who misuse Medicaid and the healthcare system and the benefits that come with
it, there are families and individuals who have no choice but to use Medicaid based
on financial status. The Health Plan introduced in Kentucky does not require a
large amount of money to be paid by recipients each month, therefore it will be
more affordable.

After reading this
article posted by the New York Times,
I am happy to see that a Health Plan such as the one mentioned above, are being
put in place to reduce the amount of fraud within the healthcare system. I
expect a plan, such as the one discussed within this paper, will eventually be
proposed in all states across the U.S., so that there is a fair healthcare
system in which all individuals have an equal opportunity to be enrolled within

This political subject regarding
Medicaid and healthcare relates to Chapter 17 in the text book because in this
chapter, many topics such as equality of opportunity, and spending on Medicare
and Medicaid are discussed. In one paragraph, it is mentioned that “…most
experts agree that Medicare and Medicaid pose the biggest budget challenge.” (Ginsberg
et al. 684) This statement is highly relevant because the expected outcome of
the Health Plan implemented in Kentucky, is the conservation of millions of
dollars a year in one state alone. Thus, the monies saved can be applied
towards those who need testing, treatments, medications, etc… Due to the
projected savings and minimizing user fraud, many of those who need assistance
will get it.