With daughter to take some financial stress off

With a colourless picture of our bright and
successful future, my father left his village eleven years ago, with the only dream
to give his children the best education which a man like him can. My father, an
unemployed man and a farmer by profession, whose only source of income was from
his fields, facing the odds, leaving behind everything, set for a new journey
for the sake of his children’s education. As not that much qualified, both my
parents wanted the best for their children. Though very young but understanding
the conditions and circumstances I along with my siblings always worked hard
understanding that our only objective to come to Lahore was to study and
ultimately make our parents proud of us and the decision they took for our

a family of seven along with escalating new expenses, my father was my only
motivation. Keeping my academic record up-to the mark I passed my matric with
91%. Because of a considerably good result I was granted a 50% scholarship in
my college which both somehow eased the financial burden off my family and
allowed me to go farther and reach a higher potential as a student. I felt that
I now had a responsibility as a college student and a daughter to take some
financial stress off my family. However, at the start of my Fsc my father was
struck with brain hemorrhage which brought financial and emotional burden on
the whole family. My elder brother looked after my father’s work and my mother
looked after my father’s health. And being the eldest sister, a lot of responsibility
of my younger siblings and of the household came upon me. Despite this
emotional stress, I was able to get a total of 80% in my Fsc.

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Belonging to a middle class family, looking at
my father who gave his entire life to working hard for his family, I dream of
getting a good degree from your very prestigious university which would help me
make my career in the field of business and management , so that I can
eventually help my father who is aging day by day and can give him a comfort
zone at this stage of his life and make his dream come true. I want to purse
Management Sciences in my bachelor’s degree. From the start, I had great
interest in entrepreneurship because I wanted to do something which is socially
innovative in farming. This because I have seen my father as a farmer and I
know all the experiences he had in the past which have affected his life. I was
inspired by one of the cash research of Suleman Dawood School of Business in
which problems which are faced by the farmers were mentioned and a solution to

The challenges faced by the agri-sector include the high level of
uncertainty associated with crop yields and market prices, and the
disadvantaged position of the farmer, especially small farmers, with respect to
other players in the agriculture value chain. Moreover, the use of inefficient
farming practices and lack of availability of new agriculture know-how to the
small farmers led to situations where these farmers periodically suffer losses
and hence, had a lot of fluctuations in their income. I think that we need a
way to ensure the provision of appropriate farming technology and quality
inputs but also help small farmers obtain better prices for their crops. By
doing this the crop yields will increase and bring about more stability in the
farmer’s income.