The the world today, Abrams argues that their

The main issue that Abrams particularly points out in his research is the fact that terrorism is a major issue that plagues the entire humanity today. Behind all the debates about the effectiveness of the approach of the terrorist in the world today, Abrams argues that their approach in making their goals certain to their targets is rather weak and unappealing. To be able to prove this fact Abrams sourced out from different write ups and implicative reports that could both strengthen his argument and challenge his stand in the issue as well.

To be able to do so, he chose to separate the discussion into different parts that would likely present the situation in a balance that would not only clarify his argument but would also strengthen the validity of his claims about the situation. Particularly, the utilization of the different mediums of resources has made his presentation of the research much more interesting for the target audience.

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This fact could be noticed from the major implications of the research towards practical occurrences that could be dragged down through historical records. The application of the issues has been made clear by the researcher through implying the debatable knowledge that other experts have with regards the effectiveness of the approach of the terrorist towards reaching their target goals.

To compare the said debating ideas with the thoughts of understanding how terrorism actually makes much larger problems than solutions to the issues of the society made Abram’s research a must read for most sociologists and political analyst who may have an interest in relating the effects of terrorism with the developments of the human individuals affected by the said attacks. To make the discussion clear and more appealing to the readers, Abrams made use of the most significant events in the human history that particularly outlines the major effects of terrorism to humanity.

He points out that attacking the civilians to be able to get the best out of the governments, primarily making the authorities submit to what they want has been a more chaos provoking movement on the part of the terrorist than an effective manner of getting the people give them what they want. Understandably, through this, Abrams has been able to outline the different elements in the society that directly encourages the idealism of rebellion, thus giving birth to aggressiveness which in return results to widespread terrorism.

Abrams continues to stick with his claim that terrorism is a weak approach in reaching one’s or a group’s major goal of existence in the society. Most likely, he aims to show that terrorism does not place an aggressive force upon the authorities to have them give the rebels what they want. Terrorist attacks simply serve as wake up call to the society that moves them to working together to fight the said social dilemma that attacks the human generation today.

As technology advances and as the knowledge for advancement in the society progresses, it should be expected that terrorist attacks would become more complicated and direct as ever. The study of Abrams primarily serve as a warning call to everyone concerned to have a better understanding of the situation, thus respond accordingly to what is happening in an aim to save the society from the decaying morals of terrorism and rebellion.

Source: Max Abrahms. Why Terrorism Does Not Work.