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In our day to day lives, people are very busy in their careers or jobs and they tend to concentrate too much on them and a bit of personal lives. This is usually at the expense of giving back to the society through various means that are aimed at making the lives of the less fortunate in the society better.

Corporate social responsibility is a very critical aspect that should be emphasized among individuals, groups and organizations so that the lives of the less privileged or those suffering from a particular problem in our communities could be uplifted.

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There are various reasons why people should volunteer or donate their energy, time, money and other resources to charities, non-profitable organizations and other causes. This piece of work looks into these reasons with much emphasis being given to why people should invest their energy and resources on Alzheimer’s Association.

Reasons why people should donate time, money and energy to Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Association is a cause whose main aim is to eradicate Alzheimer disease through combined efforts that aim at providing effective care and support to all those suffering from the disease as well as reducing the risk of dementia by enhancing brain health.

This is achieved through advanced research. Its vision is to have a world that is free from Alzheimer’s disease. “The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research” (Anonymous Para 2).

Like any other charitable non-profit making organization, Alzheimer’s Association is a cause that really needs support from well wishers to keep it going, in its efforts to help individuals who suffer from Alzheimer disease. Disease is a problem that affects everyone in the society and people should therefore take part in helping out those suffering from Alzheimer disease as a way of appreciating the gift of good health.

There are various reasons why people should contribute effortlessly towards the achievement of Alzheimer’s Association’s goals and mission some of them being for individual satisfaction, the victims’ well being while others are for the good of the society at large. One reason is the fact that there is power in giving.

Giving is usually associated with the rich and wealthy but that should not be the case since it is an act that comes from the heart and not the pockets, without any expectations of getting something in return. Time alone is enough for instance sharing with and encouraging the patients suffering from Alzheimer disease and people should therefore donate towards Alzheimer’s Association.

This helps people to enjoy the process of helping as they see their efforts making positive impacts like bringing happiness to a person who is hopeless due to some problems for instance pain and suffering like in the case of Alzheimer illness. Donating to a cause helps build purpose in life and also improves ones sense of well-being through allowing for inner satisfaction. It also strengthens a person’s spiritual life and offer contentment and inner peace.

This is achieved through knowing that one sacrificed something no matter how little, to help people in need (LaMeaux par 4). People would be motivated to donate towards Alzheimer’s Association due to the fact that it carries out very essential activities aimed at helping the sick and in taking part in its activities through donation, people will have the inner satisfaction brought about by seeing positive change/impact they make on less fortunate individuals.

Donating to various causes also help an individual to be well versed with what happens around people who are less fortunate especially on matters of social injustice. This is so because as people think of engaging in charitable work, they tend to gather more information about the particular group for instance through research.

The will for instance know all aspects that surround Alzheimer’s Association more especially the patients. “This keep people informed of the social injustice acts carried out upon people and hence be in a better position to make positive moves by effectively challenging those responsible to take positive changes to situations in an effort to save lives and make life worth living for the affected” (LaMeaux Para 5).

Another good reason why people should support Alzheimer’s Association is because the act of volunteering is linked with various physical as well as social benefits. After people engage in charitable activities, they tend to have the urge to be more involved including devoting most of their time and skills, for instance in helping the people affected by the Alzheimer disease. This is deemed to help in enhancing ones social networks while at the same time gaining social, physical as well as spiritual benefits.

Tax benefit is another reason as to why people should donate to charities and non-profit making organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association. Although this should not be the driving force towards ones decision to donate, it is encouraging. This aspect of tax eviction allow people to pay less for all the monetary and non-monetary contributions and hence they end up providing more and hence helping those involved in a great manner unlike when tax could be imposed (GAO 4).


From the above discussion, it is evident that it is worth donating ones time, money or even energy to a given cause for instance the Alzheimer’s association. People should take part in what is going on around them and support as much as they can. This is because these causes, organizations and charities have got positive moves and they aim at uplifting people’s lives in one way or the other, an effort that would not be possible without them.

There are also many benefits that are associated with volunteering and donations as stated above and people should therefore participate fully. Saving lives or even making lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease worth living is a good act that should be encouraged among all individuals in the society to help eliminate the ordeal.

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