One studying and increasing personal and business skills

One of the most important aspects in a person’s life should be the desire and the appreciation of studying and learning throughout a lifetime. In today’s advanced technological society this long-term view of studying and increasing personal and business skills is doubly important because the tools that we use as a society to communicate, collate and transform data into information, and generally present ourselves in the business sector at least, are continually changing and the successful businessman is one that remains ahead of his field in terms of knowledge and problem solving ability.

It is for this reason that I want to study with the Strathclyde MBA program. It was this desire to further my learning in the business field that helped me complete a Bachelors of Commerce at Mumbai University in India. I then went on to complete post-graduate studies with the University of California Irvine-Extension, U. S. A in global operations management and business administration. This study complemented my work experience also completed in India and the United States.

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Firstly I worked part time for a year and four months full time as a Marketing Executive for Vardhaman Chemicals, India. This was my first experience in working in a complex business environment and I was thrilled to be able to increase my communication and business skills in a workplace environment that illustrated many of the theoretical studies I had completed in the course of my studies. As a marketing executive I was part of a team of workers who specialized in anticipating customer requirements and changes in customer buyer trends.

The theoretical basis behind this workplace experience helped cement my understanding of the importance of marketing from a global perspective. When I moved to California to complete my post-graduate studies I started work as the Marketing manager for KMK Supply Company, and this is a position I will keep until the start of my MBA studies in September of this year. Working for an American company helped me appreciate the differences evident in a culturally diverse marketplace, and also increased my use of and understanding of American business practices.

To me it seemed vital to increase not only my business skills, such as supervision management, marketing management and similar fields, but to also understand how to relate to people from different cultures and in different business fields. It is my belief that the successful manager of the future will have a solid grasp of theories linked to global management and marketing. This person will be articulate in more than one language, understand the importance of cultural diversity and apply these theories to a successful work environment.

It is my desire to have those skills and to be a successful manager in the future. India is fast building a reputation in the global marketplace, especially in IT, graphic and other media based fields, and it is my intention when I have completed my studies to return to my country of birth and become part of the team that moves the Indian nation into the global marketplace as an honest, and competitive contender for a market share of global concerns.

Finally from a personal perspective I think I will be a suitable candidate for this program for three reasons. Firstly I do have a passion for increasing my business and personal skill base, which means I am a willing student. Secondly I want to be a part of the international field of business in the future and I realize I have to increase my understanding of global concepts in business before I can do this; and thirdly I have a strong desire to become part of a team of culturally diverse students.

I believe from my perspective as an international student that I will not only learn more about American customs and beliefs during my course of study, but that I will also be able to contribute to the other students I am in contact with, a sense of pride in my own heritage and the way in which India’s culture can and will become part of the model of success I would like to see my home country adopt in the near future. Thank you for considering my application.