Poetry their company, many students are afraid

Poetry is one of the greatest forms of expressing human thoughts. Poetic language is a specific language which seems to be too ideal. However, when some people consider poetry as the greatest destination of the literature, others are afraid of poems and everything connected with them. There are a lot of different reasons why people are afraid of poetry. However, in most cases this is not the fear of poetry, this is the fear to fail to understand the poetry or the fear to seem too old-fashioned among peers.

Looking closer at the problem, it may be stated that some of the poems are difficult for perception. Additionally, many writers use the words which are not used in the every day life, that is why students are obliged to search for the meaning of these words and then reread the poem for several times to understand its main meaning.

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Moreover, many authors of the poems refer to symbols and the plot which seems strange for most people. Therefore, it may be concluded that the language and the meaning of the poems make students fear this piece of literature. Many students in the modern world got used to get the information on the Internet, that is why most of the poems are analyzed there and students are not to spend their free time on understanding the meaning.

However, when students are asked to read a poem and reflect on it in class, many students feel real fear as they are unable to understand those poetic and archaic (in some cases) words which they meet in the poems. The fear to look old-fashioned is another reason for the problem.

Such issue is usually considered among those students who have low self-esteem. Being afraid that others will consider them as not appropriate for their company, many students are afraid of using the poetic words, reading poems and show their interest and knowledge in poetry. The possibility to be considered as a stranger is class is considered as a great disaster for some students and they prefer to stay way from poetry in order to go along with other students.

However, I am the one who is not afraid of poetry as I understand that poetic words are sacred. Reading Shakespeare I get to know a lot of different words and their meaning, I don’t afraid of poetry as I believe that the difficulties it places before me are able to make me stronger.

Of course, it is difficult to read Shakespeare without interpretation, but this is a great experience for me. I want to assure that reading poetry I increase my vocabulary, I get to know a lot of information and, what is believed to be the most important. I learn to think. Poetry makes me think about the problems it rises, as sometimes in the several lines the meaning of the whole book of prose may be found.

Therefore, it may be concluded that those who are afraid of poetry are either those who are afraid of difficulties, or those who are not sue in their superiority or want to be accepted among peers. However, one should ask a question, whether those who are unable to read the poetry and properly understand it deserve to be called the leader of the team?