Who Founding father of the United States

Who was Thomas Paine? Thomas Paine was a man who played a major role in the road to revolution because he inspired many who were apart of the revolution with his written words, served with Washington’s army and contributed money to the war effort. A Founding father of the United States that supported Independence from Britain because of his pamphlet “Common Sense”. A man who faced persecution from Britain due to his support of French Revolution. Paine an English-American writer whose writings influenced the American Revolution and helped create the way for the Declaration of Independence.To start, Thomas Paine was a political activist, philosopher, political theorist and revolutionary who was born on January 29, 1737, Thetford, United Kingdom and died June 8, 1809 New York City, N.Y. Born to a poor Quaker corset maker, Joseph Paine and a mother who is a member of Anglican Church, Frances Cocke; Paine received little formal education, but did learn how to read, write and perform arithmetic. According to “U.S. History.org” at the age of 12, Thomas had failed out of school and began apprenticing for his father but again failed. Age 19, he went out to sea but adventure did not last long and by 1768 he found himself as a tax officer in England. Thomas didn’t really excel at the role getting discharged from post twice in four years.Furthermore, before he his job as a tax officer, in 1756 when the Seven Years’ War between England and France broke out, Paine became a merchant seaman, serving short time before returning to England in April 1759. In 1760, he was married to Mary Lambert who died in early labor; child didn’t survive. In 1771, married again and separated legally from his second wife. During that same year, Paine met Benjamin Franklin in London, who advised him to emigrate to America, giving him letters of recommendations. And so, Thomas set forth and landed at Philadelphia on November 30, 1774, starting over as a publicist. He first published his work on African Slavery in America, in spring of 1775, criticizing slavery in America as being unjust and inhumane. Also became co-editor of the Pennsylvania Magazine. According to “U.S. History.org” on January 10, 1776, Thomas published a short pamphlet “Common Sense” and established reputation as revolutionary propagandist.Additionally, during the War of Independence, Paine volunteered in the continental army and started with the writing of his highly influential sixteen American Crisis papers, which he published between 1776 and 1783. In 1777, he became Secretary of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in Congress, but in 1779 he was forced to resign because he had disclosed secret information. In the following years Thomas worked as a clerk at Pennsylvania Assembly and published several writings. According to “U.S. History.org” in 1791-92 Paine wrote The Rights of A Man in response to criticism of the French Revolution instead of continuing to help revolutionary cause. Paine’s work caused him to be labeled as an outlaw in England for anti-monarchist views. He would have been arrested, but fled for France to join National Convention. But all was in vain because by 1793, Thomas was imprisoned in France for not endorsing the execution of Louis XVI. During imprisonment, he wrote the first part of the anti-church text, The Age of Reason (1794-96). He was freed in 1794 due to the efforts of James Monroe. Paine remained in France until 1802 when he returned to America to discover that his contributions to the American Revolution had been eradicated due to his religious views. After being abandoned by his friends and ridiculed by the public, Thomas Paine died on June 8, 1809.To conclude, Thomas Paine is a man who played a major part during the revolution. A role who topped all others with his inspiring words that motivated people to keep on fighting. Though his work he gave other’s different views on several topics, though he was still persecuted on his own view of things. Overall Paine was a good person who just seems to be misunderstood and yet he did all these great things throughout his life, but in the end he was left abandoned by his so called friend and ultimately ridiculed by the public. So who was Thomas Paine, well he was a remarkable man who wrote a great lot of incredible writings on many topics, served as a part of Washington’s army and contributed to the war efforts.