While large volumes of transportation data and making

While networks and standards change continuously, SWR and
Citymapper will retain the flexibility to work with any wireless data network
available. As they are not tied to one technology, platform or data network. This
innovation was founded to make travel more pleasant and predictable.  

These solutions are protected with three pending patents.

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Process —Gathering, managing, and analysing
event-based data on train conditions.Optimisation Algorithms
—Multi-variable optimisation algorithms for routing decisions.

Technology —Storing large volumes of transportation
data and making that data available for high-speed application.

innovations competitive advantage lies in the ability to generate dynamic
routes by time of day that also consider external attributes such as high
congested areas, time, price, and weather. The routes are superior to those
that are calculated solely on shortest-path. The innovations core asset is the intellectual
property protected by three pending patents. Those technologies include
knowledge of how to precisely gather data in complex networks, how to store
that data, how to make that data available for high-speed applications and how
to optimise future trips under a very flexible set of conditions.


No other company building a database using GPS devices to
be integrated with routing software and heat senses. Citymapper compete with
many companies to provide transportation solutions, but not to this
personalised extent. The leading transportation applications are Google Maps and
London Transportation. However, none of them provide the database and service like
Citymapper does.


Likewise, no other company offering routing calibration
services or routes optimised to avoid traffic and travel for the lowest price.

Conceivably a routing software company could acquire a tracking system and
develop such a service, but they would be in violation of the first patent, and
we would seek a royalty stream from them.  Market changes are always anticipated, so if a
possible competitor came in the market we could attempt to partner with them
versus compete.


Citymapper has property rights to the API and Content, remaining the sole and
exclusive property of Citymapper and are protected by applicable intellectual
property laws throughout the world. Plus, businesses cannot attempt to register
any trademarks that are the same or similar feel as this would be challenging
the intellectual property rights and brand. If an external business was to copy
the idea and bring it to the market before ours, it will be covered by English courts.

Any claim, controversy or dispute arising out of or
relating to the API Agreement will be governed by English law and so any Agreement
will only be dealt with by the English courts, provided that nothing shall
prevent us from bringing proceedings to protect the intellectual property
rights before any competent court.


SWR are also covered by copyright laws and treaties
around the world, fullest extent permitted by the law can be enforced if
copyrighted- resulting in criminal prosecution.

Future competitors and risks will also fall under the trademark
rule and copyright laws, and so any information of the brand, name, innovative
idea will be breaching the trademark laws and copyright laws.


SWR will ensure the intellectual property created by
Citymapper is assigned to the innovation. Citymapper will make sure the copyright is assigned to the business so
that SWR can use, modify or upgrade it at any time in the future, without
costly ownership disputes or licence fees. Both ends of the businesses will be covered.