One identity is predetermined by the gender of

One of the most complicated notions in the modern world, identity is the most crucial aspect of a human’s existence. Once losing his/her identity, a human being cannot live the full life and practically becomes deprived of an essence of life. Because of its versatility and the number of issues it touches on, identity must be considered from various viewpoints.

Embarking upon this investigation, one should start with the physical aspect of human nature. From a biological point of view, identity is predetermined by the gender of a given person. Indeed, in the cliched society where men and women bear different social roles, the gender aspect is what makes the core of identity. Further on, developing into grown-up, mature people with shaped personalities, we bear certain social role predetermined mostly by our gender.

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In addition, the large variety of social roles that we have changed throughout our lives was also intertwined with our genders closely. It is quite peculiar that a child obtains his/her sexual identity at certain age, but not from the day of his/her birth. Thus, it is logical to suggest that the quest for identity begins right with acknowledgement of one’s own gender. An important step in learning one’s identity, the physical aspect makes the foundation of the future searches.

Next comes the aspect of one’s religious belief – or its absence. Something that is completely sacred for a human being, religion must be another important part of identity – its core and the backbone of one’s philosophy, moral principles and the world picture. When needing to turn to someone for help, one usually resorts to his/her religious beliefs, which discloses the most secret aspects of his/her personality.

This means that religion must be another significant part of human identity. Helping people to find the intrinsic value of their lies and look for the enlightenment that comes with serving God and following His behests makes another important part of one’s identity. Even atheists still have certain religious position – the position of denial.

The last, but not the least comes such aspect of one’s identity as culture. In contrast to the previous aspects, this one appears to be the most mysterious one. Unlike the religious beliefs, it can change considerably, being rather subject to the influence of the other cultures.

Yet it makes the stem of one’s identity and helps one to define his/her identity. Embracing the experience of the ancestors, with all their traditions and customs, and at the same time involving the novelties that convey the flair of the epoch, culture is another essential notion that identity involves.

Therefore, identity is a blend of one’s cultural background and gender specifics. In his/her search of the identity, one has to consider all the abovementioned spheres of his/her life.

Though certain element of scientism in this search might dim the excitement of the process, one still has to admit that identity is the crossroads of all the peculiarities of the given person, from the most essential ones like the nationality and the religious denomination up to the things that might seem complete trifle.

Still it is obvious that identity is the blend of the cultural and the natural – the two elements that make a human being. Developing and enriching them every day, one can cognize him-/herself and reveal the places uncharted of one’s own soul.