When and had religion and God instilled

When I think of an entrepreneur and someone who has truly overcame many obstacles I think not of a person who started off wealthy as many entrepreneurs do but I think of someone who worked there way up from the bottom. Oprah is the clear example of a person who was faced with many curve balls and a rough life yet managed to overcome it and break the barriers and become the powerful woman she is today. Her life started from the bottom and now she is know to be arguably one of the most influential woman in the world with her net worth at about 3 billion dollars and has been know as the richest African American woman of the 20th century.
Oprah was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, on January 29,1954. Her mother is Vernita Lee and her father is Vernon Winfrey. Oprah’s  parents were unmarried and  separated soon after she was born and left her with her grandma on the farm and was raised in horrible conditions. She entertained herself by “playacting” in front of the farm animals who were her only friends. Oprah then learned to read at two and a half years old due to her grandmas strict guiding and had religion and God instilled in her at a young age. When she was six years old she was sent to be with her mother and two half brothers in a Milwaukee ghetto. Living with her mom was a very rough life as her mother was a maid and was not able to supervise or guide her. Oprah ended up being abused by family members and stayed silent at the time due to being sworn to silence. She then began to misbehave and at twelve years old she was sent to live with her dad in Nashville, Tennessee. During this time she felt happy and made speeches at local gatherings and made 500 dollars once, this is when she knew she wanted to be paid to talk. Her father made education her number one priority and she even rose to become elected the school class president. Oprah won a contest and received a scholarship to Tennessee state university, she later after being convicted by her professor took up the job as a news coanchor and was the first African American coanchor in Nashville while still only being 19 and a sophomore in college. 
Oprah’s rise to fame took off when she started a new job in 1978 for the show “People are Talking” she made her listeners always “beg” for more and she became a hit. She talked with them about everything from cooking to her personal life and most importantly she engaged and listened to her audience. In1983 Oprah took a job in Chicago, Illinois which happens to be the third largest TV market in the country. It was for an ABC affiliate which offered her a 30-minute morning talk show on “AM Chicago”.In a year  the show went from last place to the top talk show in Chicago. It was later renamed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and its time changed to last an hour instead of thirty minutes. Then later on in 1986 she won an Academy Award for best supporting actress for playing  a strong willed woman in the movie “The Color Purple”. Oprah got into this business because she was a people person and was a great talker and wanted to share this with the world.
In the mean time her show was attracting record numbers.  Then Roger Ebert who is a Chicago film critic told Oprah to advertise it nationally then she started to makes lots more money. She later bought bought Harpo Studios, which made her the first African American woman and the third female, to be in control of her own major studio. When she was 32 years old she became the first African American TV host to be nationally advertised and also a millionaire. During the late 1980’s Oprah’s  income jumped to $30 million dollars. Once she owned her show it gave her the freedom to expand and to include film, television, radio, internet, etc. She later acted in various TV and films, some were more successful than others. Later Oprah co-produced the musical version of “The Color Purple”  and even launched a website called “oprah.com” and even operated a 24-hour channel called “Oprah & Friends” on satellite radio. Then around 1995 her net worth had reached a amazing whooping 340 million dollars which made Oprah the richest woman in the entertainment industry. Since all of this she had co-authored books and has been involved with many charities. 
She has affected people all over the United States and has affected people positively in my opinion for various reasons. Her rise to fame is truly an example of what people would call the rise to American dream. Oprah has showed millions of people that your upbringing and struggles don’t define who you are and that the opportunities here in the United States are endless if you search for them. She has inspired millions of minority’s like myself to achieve education and to aim for the stars as nothing is impossible. Oprah truly started with nothing and in my opinion made it to the stars as she has become over time arguably one of the most powerful and richest women in the world. She is the first African American female billionaire in history! She owes all her success to her drive to enrich her life and keep moving forward no matter what people said. Thanks to her dedication and powerful drive she over the years used her talents to give people what they wanted and once she became a hit she was able to form her empire and become the woman she is today. When Oprah retired on May 25,2011 she was worth an estimated huge amount of 3 billion dollars.
In my opinion Oprah Winfrey should be viewed as an inspirational woman and someone who broke all barriers of poverty and social standard to become a media giant and entrepreneur in the fact of her owning her own company. Oprah inspires minorities like myself to strive and aim high and not to let the social barriers and opinions stop us. Oprah has shown me that one day I can become anything I want to and that education is the pathway to a successful future. Oprah continues to live on and her story inspires many like myself she is someone who should be viewed as a positive entrepreneur in my opinion.