What Sometimes you need to look at the

What is Education? Education is the action or
process of educating or of being educated. The issue we are going to be
focusing on is the lack of this education. The only thing that makes us more
evolved mentally than our predecessors is the knowledge we have gained in the
past years. Our way of spreading this knowledge to everyone around us is
education. So when some nations are lacking in this education, then obviously
this is an issue that deserves the attention all the other issues are getting.
An example of how education should work is, how Mr. Black teaches our class and
makes sure we are grasping the new knowledge we are learning. An example of the
lack of education is how the people of third world countries like some
countries is Africa where the children don’t get exposed to good forms of

According to an article Humanium.org, the article
didn’t have an author or a date, but I did do some research about the
organization and they had a lot of well put together articles about other
humanity related topics. There article showed me how fortunate I am, and how
some countries don’t have all the knowledge I have gained. Some third world
countries are a lot less evolved. And the gap between them and modern countries
is only getting bigger. I also have learned that the reasons for the lack of
education in some nations varies. At first, I thought it was poverty because of
some countries in Africa. Then I discovered that some countries are preventing
the learning of some subjects because of cultural and/or religious believes.

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Sometimes you need to look at the issue from
another point of view. The civilians that inhabit those poor lands. The people
that are lacking the knowledge. They have no control over the situation. They
don’t know how much knowledge they are missing because no one taught them that
in the first place. The solution is in our hands if everyone worked together to
help those in need, we could solve this issue before it gets even worse than it