What is coworkers gossiping at work. My supervisor

  What motivates me is being
able to pay my bills on time.  Having a
roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, and shoes on my feet.
 Being able to provide for my family is
the most important. For me just having a job is a motivator. When you have a job,
it gives you a since of belonging and pride. I also get motivated by my
supervisor saying I’m doing an excellent job.  When the employer gives you recognition in
front of your coworker is motivation for me. Employers giving me time to spend
with my family is motivation. A pay raise is a great motivator as well.  What demotivates me is coworkers gossiping at
work.  My supervisor riding my back.
Supervisor being unfair and showing favoritism. The supervisor belittling you
in from of your coworkers. Your supervisor is very unprofessional. The
supervisor not leading by example. People taking credit for your work. My pet
pee is supervisors having to micro managing me, because they don’t   trust me
enough to do your job. Sorry health on the job is also a demotivator. Sorry human
resource practices. Human resource hiring people just to have a body even
though they know the person can’t do the job.  No cohesion in the workplace.  Poor communication between employees and
management.  What motivates others in the
work place are money, pay raise, employees recognition, and being able to
provide for their family. Being able to spend time with their family. What
demotivates other in the work place. Employees not getting credit for their
work. Supervisor not listening to employee complaints and concerns.  Supervisor showing favoritism and being
unfair.  Sorry health insurance and
unprofessional supervisor.  Human
resource taking sides with the supervisor even though they know the supervisor
is wrong. Not getting a pay raise when they know they should. Being passed over
for promotion.  Poor working conditions
and not getting paid on time. Human resources try to motivate their employees
by giving them first a survey to know where everybody is standing and what motivates
each person. The survey will help the human resources to know what motivate
each person and what problem they have in the work area, but the survey can be
more than just the motivation or the issue they have from that work area.  The survey can ask what they want in their
work area and ask a lot of different other thing that will help the manager and
human resources to motivate, and get the business goals done. One way to start
strong is by having an effective communication, like being honest, talking to
them often to have a constructive discussion of the workplace. The workers must
have a challenging work or area to keep them in their toes and active and their
work. One way that always work is to give them a reward, by reward a manager or
an employee accountable for an excellent job. Most people are motivated if the
reward is a promotion or higher pay grade or a bonus. One that help them to get
them comfortable in their job is to give them trust to shape the work or
project that they are doing. One of the big one is being the example, that one
that I believe that all manager should be. I believe if the manager or who is
higher should be a good example because if the person is not doing an excellent
job, the people under him will not do an excellent job that what I believe. If
a human resource trying to follow these steps or do some of these steps he or
she will help to make their working are much better.