What former. To take a step further in

What is mankind’s greatest contribution to the world? Ask
people this question and they are likely to pick invention of familiar
technologies such as printing or electricity. They are unlikely to suggest
something that is just as significant- establishing the foundation of global
financial markets. The realm of financial markets has grown manifold since its
conception and is reaching a point from where it can potentially change the
nature of financial advancements. In due course of my academia, I have
developed an incomparable liking for this domain and foresee a career as a Financial
Analyst and in the long run contribute as an entrepreneur for the broader
benefit of humanity and economy. I therefore seek to lay the foundation of my
career on a global platform through your MSc program in Finance.


My interest in this field first got
inflicted when I got involved with my father in stock trading. He then gave me the
first lesson from the world of Finance- he told me that speculating the
movement of a share’s price involves not just monitoring the past stock price
movements or the contemporary news about it but also the USD fluctuations along
to assess the former. To take a step further in the field, I chose to conduct
my research on the topic- “Macroeconomic determinants of non-performing assets
in Indian banking sector” in my final year to develop my research and
analytical skills. After completing my under graduation in the renowned
Bachelors in Business Economics program from University of Delhi in 2017, I
enrolled myself for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 to dive deep
into the subject. While the Bachelors program ensured strong foundation in the
areas of Economics, Management and Finance, the CFA curriculum provided me with
deep insight and specialization in the areas of Financial Reporting Analysis,
Portfolio Management, Fixed Income and Equity.

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My inclination for the second area of my interest- management, was primarily
instilled during my Bachelors. To me, management always appeared to be a skill
people possessed naturally rather than being taught. When introduced to
management theories in my curriculum and the human nature backing them, I
started relating to them and applying them simultaneously in the path of my
internships and other academic associations. My deep understanding of the
principles supporting management theories accounts for the reason that of the
eight subjects I topped, three had their roots in management.. In my sophomore
year, I interned with Wooplr, a social shopping platform, as a district
manager. My job as an intern there was to manage all Wooplr brand ambassadors
of the district assigned to me. I was assigned to interview and recruit them
and mentor their work through the tenure of my duration. Soon after this, I got
associated with Rotoract Club of Ignited Youth where I took the opportunity to
teach the underprivileged students for a span of one year. After my tenure with
Rotoract, I joined hands as a volunteer with Save the Quest, a charitable
trust, which works towards the provision of scribes for exams for blind

In parallel with studies, I made sure to dabble in
various recreational activities to maintain a balance. Apart from being a part
of my college’s Business Economics Society for three years serving at the
positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Creative Team Head , having a flair for
painting and origami, I joined my college’s Fine Arts Society. As a member
there, I got the opportunity to represent my college in more than 50 colleges
over a span of two years. Owing to my extraordinary performance at the
inter-college and inter-university level, I was awarded the title of “Best
student at Fine Arts” in the year 2016 and was appointed the President of the society
in my final year. Holding these posts in the core organising committee and
organising annual academic fest for three consecutive years provided me with a
hands-on experience of management.


Moved by the desire to further broaden and apply my
experience and skills in the area of management, I decided to take up the
position of  Management Trainee with
Hitech Engineers and Consultants Pvt Ltd. During my tenure there, I had a
chance to work with the Business Development and the Finance teams. I got the
opportunity to interact with clients, make presentations and pitch prospective
business clients. While working in the Finance department, I helped in book
keeping and preparation of vouchers.

Of the numerous universities offering the MSc in
Finance and MSc in Management/International Management programs worldwide,
Università Bocconi happens to be my first choice for more than one reason. First,
the curriculum this program offers here, in Milan, is extensive. Second, the
course structure of MSc programs at Bocconi is very appealing- with theoretical
knowledge provided, it ensures the application in the real corporate world
simultaneously. Further, being in Milan, the
heart of Italy’s finance sector, will ensure environment required for the
appropriate germination of a professional. Moreover, the global exposure and
training I would receive from the distinguished faculties and fellow students
at the program will enable me to achieve my career goals. Above these, if chosen to be a part of this
university, I’m particularly interested to work under Researcher Zara Claudio because his research interest is in direct correspondence
with mine. After MSc program from your prestigious university, while in
the short term I envision working as a Financial/Business Analyst for a
multinational corporation, in the long run I aspire to establish my own
Financial/ Business Consultancy firm.


I believe that my family background,
education and work experience have prepared me for graduation from Università Bocconi. With my interest lying
primarily in Finance, I put forth my application for MSc in Finance; but given
the reputation your university has, my affinity for management and the related
experience I hold, I wouldn’t like to let go of the opportunity to apply for
MSc in Management and MSc in International Management too. I am sure that being
a part of your programme would be a holistic, intellectually stimulating and
life transforming experience that I will cherish throughout my life.