What with maturity. Although that is sometimes true,

What is your Minecraft username?”ExitMC” (Known Alias: Exit (Discord), Xitroxide/Exit (YouTube), mb1552/MBMC (Previous Minecraft names)How old are you?16 years old. I know age sometimes correlates with maturity. Although that is sometimes true, I want to make the argument for myself that I am in fact very mature. The evolution of me as a person will be discussed at greater length in the authority question, however, most of the people who I’ve known, commented on how I was unexpectedly mature I was for my age. This would have been during the ages of 13-15, where both (older) friends which I would play games with, as well as players on my servers, be surprised by my age.What country do you live in (or state if you live in the US)?USA / Florida / US Central Time ZoneWhat time are you on most often (according to your timezone)?US Central: Weekdays (4pm to 10pm): School and sports add up to coming home at about 4pm. From then I would eat (sometimes at the PC), and hop on minecraft. I keep my circadian rhythm stable, and go to sleep at the ripe time of 10pm (or whenever I finish my homework). Depending on the homework workload, I can on and off monitoring, but not actually playing.Weekends (9am – 11pm): Depending on if I have a Saturday meet, or I’m spending time doing social things, I can be logged on the server 9am – 11pm. Depending on the homework workload, I can on and off monitoring, but not actually playing.Lack of activity? So the sentence that was repeated that if homework permits. I am a very involved person in school, sports, and my community. However, this does not mean I cannot effectively moderate within the community, it just means that I may not be the person who grinds 4 hours of playtime after school. I am very active in the community through discord, as well as forums. When logged on, I can monitor chat, help out, etc. whilst simultaneously doing homework.How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you play a lot?I’ve been playing minecraft since the summer of 2011 (1.7 Beta). I can easily say it’s my most hour logged game (For context, Gmod is 3600 hours, and League of Legends is 1034 hours, and I had maybe started playing them in 2014. I can say, to some extent, that minecraft has shaped me into the person I am today (more on that later). I have extensive game knowledge, and can easily access resources to expand game knowledge.Have you ever been punished on any other server? If so, what for?Back in the day, keep in mind, I started playing in 2011, I was banned a lot. Hacking, griefing, toxicity, you name it. This was very typical (I think) for young players, as it was fun, seemed harmless, and you would see the YouTubers do it. Once I saw how hard being a server owner actually, was I gained empathy for the importance of following rules. Since then, my record has largely been clean. I would like to add on the note of toxicity, when I played league of legends I received a 28 day ban for being incredibly toxic. I let the game consume me, and I was fueled by rage. However this was in the early stages of my career, and since then I realized how simple it was to control my anger, and really relaxed as a player. Have you ever played Skyblock/Prison?I’ve played both Skyblock & Prison. I did a short YouTube series on Prison, but I’ve definitely played the age old skyblock. What’s funny, is that in my years of non-server owning, I’ve always been brainstorming ideas for servers. From Dark Souls, to minigames servers, I really wanted to implement these ideas. I was very excited to see that a Prison-Skyblock hybrid was on Minecraft Market (Although somewhat different, this server is one of my favorite ideas).With that being said, these are not complex game modes. After some playtime, even with the server being custom, I can hold a firm grasp over the gamemode(s). I will definitely be of a good resource to players.Have you had any previous experience in an authoritative position? Feel free to include real-life experiences such as “I used to be a lifeguard” or “I volunteer at my church”.I would like to take this opportunity to relate having a position of authority, to things I’ve learned through experiences. Hopefully, this demonstrates that I am qualified for this position, as well as a prove I am a well rounded person.Walrus PvP/Killers Raid (10-40 players)If you can’t tell by the name, this server was plagued with immaturity. Started because some friends wanted to emulate a server they played on, this community had no real goal. It was for fun, but we took it nowhere. In this community I learned the importance of both dependence and independence. I knew nothing, started from permissions to worldguard. However, I met another player, a Co-Owner, who I entrusted to teach me a thing or two. And he did. I can largely trace back a lot of the basic knowledge of PermissionEx, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Voxel, Sniper, etc. to this player. I learned that people have valuable information, and it was in my best interest to learn from it. However, I also learned the power of independence. This guy was unreliable, untrustworthy, and largely immature. Regardless of how smart he was, once I learned that I needed, it became evident that being independent from him would be of benefit. Since then, I valued one position of power on my servers (1 Owner, or 2 Owners but I call the shots/control money & development). Hydro PvP Part 1 (35-64 players)This was a very, very long time ago. Free from the previously mentioned friend, I could do what I wanted. I tried to incorporate new ideas and plugins, but it was largely ineffective. Looking back at it, it was a mess. However, I became much more comfortable with plugins and players as the server progressed. This was a very long part of the Hydro PvP community (part 1), and ended in flames. I had failed to adapt. I refused to adapt, I was stubborn. With that, I learned to adapt. When dealing with a new direction for the server, minigames and soup pvp were brought up. Both of these were very revolutionary and popular back in the day.However, I was stubborn and refused to listen to both the trends of minecraft, and the community. I split with owners, and they eventually ended up betraying me, and the community fell.Hydro PvP Part 2 (20-30 Players)This was a reboot of the old hydro pvp. I learned a lot of professionality, interstaff relations, and started to polish my servers. I was more experimentive, and my servers did have new things. Players generally liked the server, but wanted the next step. The next step was a hub/network. I hesitated at first, but then invested the last life of the server into a 2000$ project I would be part of. It failed. With little to turn to, I decided to partner with another project, which also failed. The first failed independent from me, whilst the second was just a poor decision. I learned to be very careful in these situations, and how to deal with them. I did not make these mistakes again.Roo Factions (Rebranded Hydro PvP) – 15-20 players)This was a server that was created by me and a co owner who was in charge of media. We advertised and did things, but this was overall my most professional server. I had a disciplined staff, I myself knew that I was doing with the server, and the players knew that. The players were started to respect me as a clear authority figure, and were surprised to hear that I was only 14/15. Additionally, I ended up successfully selling my server on MCM. I had completed the full circle of simply creating a server that I did not invest a lot into, got what I wanted, and left. Looking back on it, this was my best server, and I can think of one thing that characterised it. How professional you are clearly corresponds to how you present your server, and how your server is received by players. Also, I learned of the importance of player relations and how to mediate an argument. However, more information on that topic can be disclosed per request of the administration.xKits (10-20 players)This was my last server, and was mostly a failed server. It ended up being a money flip, but also a waste of time. I have documentation of the server, but I was not satisfied with it.Trends of my servers. I learned, I made mistakes, and I evolved. Although you might make the claim that the average number of players decreased with the “more professional/knowledgeable” I became, that is because the market of Minecraft servers became exponentially more competitive. It is very hard to compete with big networks.Other GamesGMod administrator (Lots of administration with Voice chat) – Daybreak GamingGMod moderator – Golden RP (Moderation with Voice chat.)Real life authority positionsExecutive council member at city level (Youth Program, presides over a forum)Track and Field leader/veteran (Junior in highschool brings the responsibility of helping within the program)How much time can you dedicate to Skynation?I can still dedicate a lot of time to Skynation, despite being constrained by school & sports. This was mentioned in the previous question, as I can have a strong and helpful presence in the community with only moderating in game, discord, and the forums.Are you a donator? If so, what rank are you? (This does not impact your application but for permissions)Not a donator, but looking to get that reward rank, so this is tentative.Have you joined our discord server?I have both joined, and advertised the discord server.Do you have any specific skills in Minecraft such as building or plugin experience?Skillset: (This skillset is largely NOT exclusive to minecraft, however, like most things, can be applied to minecraft.)Extensive knowledge of plugin information (including configuring, debugging, limits, etc).This does NOT include plugin coding. Web Development/Design knowledge (Frontend extensively, only shallow knowledge of backend)Photoshop (Limited knowledge, not a graphics artist, but I can design things like contest images, simple stuff. I did all my art on my servers as well as YouTube art.)Building Experience (I’m not a builder. I made most of my builds on my servers, and players did sometimes compliment me on them. I also sold builds on Minecraft Market. By no means am I someone who will go out and join a buildteam, I’m just not there yet).WorldEdit/Voxelsniper (Although it’s been awhile since I’ve used both, these are simple once you get the grasp of them.)Marketing* (Not formal, but I can usually advertise well, as have some knowledge in how to expand youtube.)General plugin knowledge (Used essentials, etc. most of the base plugins were on my servers, so both using them and teaching them much more familiar to me.Do you have Discord? If so, do you have a microphone?Both discord and microphone. And actively use both.Extra Information about yourself:I am an intelligent human being. I’m in no way trying to get onto /r/iamverysmart. That is not the point of that sentence. However, I can safely say that I am smart. I get good grades, maintain a high GPA and class rank, and have a good path for college. This will greatly benefit the server as a staff team that can effectively and efficiently solve problems makes the server run well. But by no means am I some crazy genius, I make mistakes, but I learn from them.I have also done the YouTube, but I don’t want to be advertising in my application thread, so that can be disclosed per request of the administration.