Well for only $199 USD in a

Well good news for the Oculus
fans, after the great success of Oculus Rift now presenting the Oculus Go. Would
not say it’s a milestone, as before this headset Pico Interactive had already introduced
the world with Pico Goblin, yet another standalone headset. But the great news
is that Oculus Go is going to be available in stores for only $199 USD in a
grey color, which resembles the Pico Goblin.


Described by CEO Mark Zuckerberg as “the most accessible VR
experience ever” when he unveiled the product.

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“Once you feel it, there’s no going back,” said by Hugo
Barra, Facebook’s new head of virtual reality. “You know it’s the future.”


Go is focusing on two aspects, to expand the world of
virtual reality; affordability and portability. So the GO is packed with goodies
kinda like a chocolate box but because it has not been released we don’t know
yet if it will be the whipped cream on top or the burnt flakes underneath.


Designed specially for you; it has fitting versatility with
breathable fabrics and fully adjustable overheard strap. This headset is super
lightweight and it can even be used with glasses, which sounds great because it
will not be much of a burden on the eyes and head. It has inbuilt speakers
providing an integrated audio system which means no need of headphones,
although the device does have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Official specs are yet not fully revealed by Facebook head,
VR Head Barro claimed the processing power of Oculus Go would be somewhat
between the mobile VR and high-end PC VR, but mainly closely falling towards
the mobile end. As the Oculus Go headset will be compatible with the Gear VR
software. The beauty of this product is that it has reduced the screen door
effect, which is clearly visible in the Pico Goblin. The Oculus Go has support
on 3DOF head tracking. It has an LCD screen with a reported ‘wide field view’,
which is said to have a crystal clear optimized 3d graphics, with a resolution
of 2560 x 1440 px (QHD) having a ratio aspect of 16:9. Oculus Go has its own
store, which was also available in the Gear VR. Good news for developers Is
that Oculus Go is binary compatible with software development for Gear VR,
having the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (which means it will work very fast).

Whether you build with unity or code directly on the oculus Mobile SDK. The
Oculus GO and Gear VR can be together by a single application. 


Introducing the Oculus Go by Facebook in their video
describing what we can do with this standalone headset is beyond our
imagination; You will be able to draw constellations in the night sky as if you
control the stars above, even cast a fishing line with precision with the
really easy controller available with the headset, capture enemies in a
multiplayer standoff (call your friends over and have the time of your life)
and much more is to be offered. Also indulge in three of our famous most played
games on Oculus; Agelore’s Fantasy, Love Cubed and City Traffic Control. Each
game setting a standard of its own. Agelore’s Fantasy having the ability to
make dreams a reality and City Traffic Control making you take command over the
roads. Fall in love over and over again with Love Cubed, be the knight in
shining armor and save your loved one from the evil beings, may the force be
with you!


“I am more committed than ever to the future of virtual
reality,” said Zuckerberg. “VR is about imagining the world as it could be.”
Listening to this I am definitely looking forward to use this device as we hear
great things off it , hope it is not a disappointment to such promises made by
the company.