Supermusic. the point of placing some CD

Supermusic. sk is a web page focused on music of all kinds and genres, you can possibly find there all the pop, hip-hop and rock artists and more or less of the electronic- music artists. They offer mainly texts of the popular songs, accords for guitars and also translations to the Slovak language. You can browse in various articles added or written by users of the page, there is also a possibility of downloading. Supermusic. sk is the most visited page in the chart of the section Music in the naj. sk it has approximately 35,000 of visitors per day.

Page offers really good search, you can search by key words, full text, phrase, interprets, songs, text of the song and you can also search in their shop. If you want to participate on the content of the page and add your own articles, videos, songs and links it is good to create your own profile there. Profile account is for free and they don’t want so much personal information from you. I really like the possibility of writing your own articles and adding your own links because it somehow creates a new community of the internet users and gives you a space for self realization.

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In the home page you can also find a section for new albums where you can buy the album or listen to a short sample of the songs. On the left part of the home page is a nice section of news, there you can find all kinds of articles connected to music and also the articles added by users. On the right side of the page are some charts from Radio MAX and Fun Radio plus under this section are the upcoming concerts. If we want to take a closer look to the supermusic. sk we can say a plenty of things, but the main thing which surprised me was clarity of the page.

Page is very messy and not very well organized; design is not good at all and is overcrowded. It is full of pictures and text plus I don’t really understand the point of placing some CD covers on the very right side of the homepage. It gets better when you click on interprets section which is much more clear and well structured. Supermusic. sk is very popular page and has approximate number of users is from 33,000 per day but usually up to 40,000 users per day. Source: Naj. sk

In my opinion the graph from December 2009 is really interesting, because as we can see from the beginning of the month real values are very similar to approximate values until 26th. We can think about various factors like the end of the year and holydays plus this date usually goes along with big celebration after the peaceful Christmas. Decrease in real values is also significant during 31st December which is the New Years Eve when people doesn’t sit behind their computers that much.

Source: Naj. sk Graph from the January is a bit different from the graph from December and it shows one significant decrease in numbers of visitors, it is 23rd January but even I tried to research why it was so I couldn’t find any prove. My idea is that they may have some breakdown on the supermusic. sk so the page didn’t work for half of the day or so. Main part of people using this page, are users of Microsoft Windows 95,76%, undefined operating systems 2,39% or Apple Mac and Unix around 0, 80%.

Most of the visitors use Mozilla Firefox as their browser 45,65%, the second most favorite is Internet Explorer with participation of 28,13% of users, Opera 15,84% and WebKit/KHTML 10,09%. I do not agree with this statistics because I think that there is at least some percentage of people using Google Chrome as their browser or there is also possibility that those people don’t visit supermusic. sk at all. While searching on validator. w3. org the result for this page is not very pleasant if we compare it to for example to metrolyrics. com which is similarly oriented page. Supermusic. sk Metrolyrics. com

199 Errors and 82 Warnings Passed Supermusic. sk is not very well structured page and the home page is really messy, most of the users probably don’t like it. However it is a good page for Slovak people who are not very good in using the internet and don’t have very good skills in English or other language. I think that mostly young people and middle aged people use it because of really good section of translated texts of songs; musicians will appreciate the section with accords for the guitar. Main problem of this site can be their strategy connected to the languages; site is available only in Slovak.

If they would fully translate it to English and German they could reach wider mass of people, because there is a big competition on this market. Other good part is that they also offer online shop which makes their page more attractive and also allows them to make a profit from their page. The page uses http protocol which is sufficient enough for what they are doing but in case of accounts or online shop which will make it more secure and reliable. I would also include some reviews of quality of “bloggers” or active users who add articles or songs.

All in all should be according to me redesigned and reconstructed to reach a better image to attract more people, it is very good page but has a lot of problems and mistakes. As I mentioned before main problems are clarity, disturbing design also the site appeared really slow which was really annoying, but maybe it was caused by my internet connection. Main advantages of page are charts, search which is very good and efficient, various artists profiles on the site, possibility of listening to the samples of the albums and of course possibility of creating an account and being really active user.

With a little bit of improvement in design and translating it to multiple languages supermusic. sk will have bigger success and will attract more people.


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