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We all are always looking for ways to make our homes a better place to be at. Whether its the new furnishings, furniture, accent pieces or appliances. But another way to drastically improve our home and our life is to bring some smart technology home. Our phones are smart, we are smart and now there’s no reason for our homes to stay behind this trend of ‘smart’.

Fully connected homes are no longer reserved for the Jetsons, they are the reality that we are facing today. Today, connectivity assists in almost every aspect of our lives and our homes are the place where we spend a considerable amount of time. Now is the time to revolutionise the way we live with smart technology that has convenience at its heart.

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Stay secure 24X7
Most of the advanced smart home services include security. So, all your windows and doors can sense motion and if there’s an unwarranted entry, the system will notify you. What’s more? You can also lock and unlock your doors remotely or live stream the footage from the motion sensing cameras. That way you can always keep a close eye on your kids and pets even while you are away.

Save more
Statistics show that lights make up the 30% of our electricity consumption but it doesn’t have to be that way with smart homes. You can switch off your lights, fans or any other appliance from wherever you are with a tap on your phone. This way, you’ll never waste any power on the appliances and lights you forgot to turn off. You can even create scenes like ‘away’, tapping which automatically turns off the selected lights. Or maybe schedule the porch lights to turn on and off with sunset and sunrise.

Make life easier
Make your mornings easier with a fully automated and connected home. Induce artificial dusk and dawn by scheduling your lights to gradually turn on and off with your sleep-wake cycle. Or maybe protect your home from intruders by scheduling your lights to turn on and off randomly to make it look like you are home. You can even make getting up in the mornings a pleasant affair by scheduling your coffee maker to make your coffee ready by the time you wake up or maybe scheduling your geyser to start heating water even before you wake up. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence, over the period of time, your home will already know how you like what and when.

Grow old in convenience
Keep your independence intact as you grow older with a connected dwelling. Basic household tasks can become harder to do and to remember as we grow old but with an automated abode, you don’t have to worry about that. You will be able to control most of the things around your sanctuary with your voice or maybe a tap on your phone, all you have to do is ask!

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