We culture. Third, Maren made the PowerPoint

We got an oral
assessment on “In-depth study”, and here we had to choose a theme out of the
different themes we received. We easily agreed about the theme pop culture,
because this theme was familiar to us. We knew little bit about how it affects
us, what pop culture is, how it affects boys and girls in different ways and a
little about the consequences with pop culture.


Firstly, we had to
decide the problem statement and we talked about “how does pop culture affect
youth?”. We focused on celebrities and we decided to find out if the youth was
in many ways influenced by the pop culture? We think that the youth is
influenced by pop culture easily, because the youth is more attuned with social
media. Social media is the most powerful tool in today’s age, and has the power
to influence us. Study shows that youth between 12-17 years is more attuned
with social media today than ever before.

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Secondly, I
started the introduction, and defined what pop culture was, how pop culture
affects youth and what we mean with affects. Then Theodor talked about how pop
culture used to be back then and how it is now and found out that pop culture
now and then is completely different. Pop culture changes in a variety of ways
over time. Of course, pop culture affects girls and boys in different ways and
Maren talked about this. Pop culture has both positive and negative
consequences, and Sindre told us more about the following consequences with pop


Third, Maren made
the PowerPoint for the group, and we chose the pictures ourselfs. We used
different sources like urban dictionary, Wikipedia, Livestrong, snl etc.  The day we performed it went well for Maren,
Theodor and Sindre, but not that well for me. I was too nervous, and I weren’t
well prepared.  I let my nerves take
over, and started to mumble and talk too fast. I know that I can do better, and
I wasn´t surprised when I got my grade. I knew how it went, and I think my
group could do better and cooperate more. We were busy with our stuff that we
forgot to go through the presentation before we performed for the teachers. Overall
it went great and we learned about our mistakes, and how we can do it better the
next time.


Pop culture is the
trend of what’s going on around the world, and people have been led to believe
that we “must” follow certain trends and do what famous people does. This can
lead to frustration and stress, and that’s not good for anyone. So, to
conclude, there´s no doubt that youth society through all times has gotten,
gets and will get affected by the pop culture. Of course, in different ways,
but we all get affected. This has both good and bad consequences. How it
affects you is up to your own interests, surroundings, but most off all how you
let it affect you. We think that the pop culture is not bad or good for us, but
that it mostly depends on which culture we are into. I liked to work with this
task, because I learned new things, I got more comfortable speaking english
among people without being judged.