WaterCalifornia there simply isn’t enough water to meet

WaterCalifornia DroughtThe State of California is also having problems with the supply of freshwater.California produces huge amounts of fruits each year such as almonds and oranges.Their state has had a drought for 5 years, and farmers are suffering huge losses.The demand for water is so large, yet there simply isn’t enough water to meet the endless demand.RiceRice is the most important staple food in the world. It is used to feed more than 4 billion people each year.Farmers depend on vast amounts of water to be able to grow large amounts of rice.Without the freshwater to grow the rice, the world would take a huge hit.There would not be enough rice to feed the world, and the farmers would lose a lot of money.What would happen globally if the demand is greater than the supply?The world we live in today is very dependent on natural resources.Our earth has a very limited supply of resources.What would happen to our world if the demand for supplies and natural resources is greater than the supply?Water is the most important natural resource found on the face of the planet.While 73% of the earth’s surface is water, only 3% of the water is suitable for human consumption and use.In our world today, there are many arising conflicts over the control of freshwater supply.Countries such as Gaza require water to be delivered by tanks due to the lack of infrastructure.Countries such as Egypt rely heavily on the Nile River for plants and crops.If the Nile River’s supply of fresh water decreases, then farmers will not be able to grow crops, which will then reduce the food supply produced by farms.Countries further down the Nile such as Sudan will also be affected. Food Consumption and ProductionMost people think that all the food produced is used for human consumption, while almost 66% of the food produced is used for animal consumption and growth.The food is used to grow animals such as chickens and cows.The same problems arise as in growth of rice, as there simply isn’t enough freshwater to continue growing vast amounts of plants.People have suggested that the food stop going to animals and instead going to humans.Scientists predict that if the supply continues to stay the same, the world will not be able to produce enough food to feed humans and animals.Solutions to this problem have been unsuccessful, such as having animals revert to eating organic food such as grass, except that it takes too long and they wouldn’t be able to meet the rapid demand for animals.PetrolPetrol is also an extremely important natural resource.Currently, the supply is much greater than the demand. But petrol supply is limited and will run out in the near future.Petrol is used in everyday life, and is a source of conflicts between countries.The Iraq War’s main motif was for oil found in Iraq.The US set up bases in Iraq and countries to control their oil supply.There are also conflicts over oil in the Arctic Circle.The US and Russia want control over the Arctic Circle as it contains oil.If countries are already fighting over oil when there is an abundance of it available, how will countries react when oil does in fact run out?Corn and SoyCorn and soy are used to speed up the growth process of animals such as cows and chickens while reducing the costs and time of growing them naturally.Corn has a variety of uses. It is easy to grow and can be grown in vast amounts.40% of corn is converted to biofuels, 30% of corn is fed to animals, and the rest is used to make corn flour or corn related products. Only 1% of the corn grown is used for human consumption.There are many problems with growing corn. An acre in the US requires 350,000 gallons of water. It also uses large amounts of fertilizer Corn is also an inefficient way of feeding humans as it requires way too many resources.Thoughts for the future/ ConclusionOur world is very dependent on natural resources. But unfortunately there is only one Earth from which humans can get resources.It is up to humans to work together to solver their problems or face their doom.But knowing humans and how human instinct works, humans will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means taking the lives of the other people.