The can be used in residential areas,

The latter device is to be utilized in the process of providing safe drinking water for sources that one may not trust. Examples here include water from streams, lakes, ponds and others. This product differs from other water purification devices because it is quite light and convenient to carry. Individuals need not burden themselves with bulky pumps or many chemicals to treat their water. Additionally, it can cope with large amounts of water that may need purification.

The purpose of this device is to remove a series of contaminants that are found in unsafe waters. This product can purify water to a level that makes it fit for instant human consumption. The following can be eliminated through the product: Salmonella e-coli mold fungi cryptosporidium giardia non metallic substances (SASI Group, 2008) Additionally, this product is also effective at improving the clarity of water and its taste too. It should be noted that in certain cases, water may not taste properly because of the toxins that are prevalent.

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Once there is a way of eradicating those toxins, then chances are that the water will look and even taste better. It should be noted that this product is non electrical and there is no need for batteries or any other electrical source to be used in order to make the product effective. It can be used in residential areas, offices, restaurants, schools, health centers or any other public place in which people may need to take some drinking water.