Water purposes, all water wheels were placed

Water power is the most powerful renewable resources there is on the earth so far. It is common knowledge that moving can be used to generate electricity. It is reasonable to study that increasing the water pressure would increase the power generated.”More reliable than solar and more efficient than wind, water is one of the world’s most powerful renewable energy resources, and it’s all around us.” (https:www.kickstarter.com…into, 2017, p. 1). The reason for this is because it can be used off the grid and is easy to understand and use. The way this works, is that water rotates the wheel and the rotations make the power. This invention can charge any device, is great for fishing, and any water based activities. Another plus is, it’s also good for anyone with running water. Estream is a water powered generator. It uses water to make power that can be used as a lantern, an underwater lantern, a speaker, and a WiFi router. It’s  lightweight and designed to fit in any book bag. It only takes 4.5 hours to fully charge a 6400 amp battery. This can come with a USB port, which means that it has a USB.” As a generator, it produces 2.5W – 5W of energy.” (https:www.kickstarter.com…into, 2017, p. 1).Everything is all in one and completely customizable. To be able to generate power, bring Estream to running water, disassemble the cover,  unfold the turbines, connect the carabiner to the hook and peg, use duct to protect estream from shallow water, a light will show that it is charging, take estream  out of water and reassemble to use at a later timeLester Allan Pelton is the father of hydroelectric power . Lester was born in Vermilion, Ohio in 1829. Another fact is that he left home at the age of 20 in the search of gold ; he spent 14 years of his life in the mines searching for gold. Unfortunately, he was very unsuccessful, so he moved to Camptonville, CA to earn funding for his water wheel ideas. Between 1878 to 1880, he tested 40 different types of water wheels. After that, he decided to use the splitter bucket design. Due to the success of his design on June 4, 1895, he signed a contract with Fulton Engineering. In relation to this, the contract employed Pelton to help the company build a bigger water wheel. So far, the maximum diameter of all the wheels that were built is 18 feet 6 inches. Therefore, when it was at full load, it gave off an  85% power load. For construction purposes, all water wheels were placed on a wooden stand with grooves to hold the axle in place. This part of the machine was called the wheel pit. The original wheel pit for the 18 ft 6 in water wheel is now kept at the Smithsonian Museum. At the end of his career, Pelton decided to retire to Oakland, California. Sadly, he died on March 14, 1908.Edward S. Cobb designed the wheel with 64 buckets at a time when most wheels had only 12 – 15 buckets. In fact, the wheel was designed by Cobb, but Hesselmeyer built it in England. Even though most of the water wheels were made of almost all wood, this one was constructed of steel and cast iron. Because of this, a wheel that is 30 feet in diameter ran at 65 rpms, and generated under 350 psi because of a ¾” jet and it generated 1000 horsepower. In fact, this was a major technological advancement since the first iron wheel was only 24″ in diameter and operated under 84 psi. They used the smaller wheel to demonstrate its power. In addition, the wheel was donated by the Minors and Manufacturing Co. Michael Faraday lived from 1791 to 1867. Faraday was born September 22, 1791 and died August 25, 1867. Faraday was the father of the generator. It is amazing that he was able to build a generator because he had a very basic education. An interesting fact is that at the age of 14 he apprenticed to a bookbinder, for the next 7 years he taught himself  and he attended many Humphry Davy lectures. After this Faraday wrote to Davy for a job he got turned down but in 1813 he got the job. After about a year he went on a 18 month long tour in which he returned from in 1815. When they returned he worked on electromagnetic rotation. He carried out more research in the 1820’s. Because of this he founded the Royal Institution. “He himself gave many lectures, establishing his reputation as the outstanding scientific lecturer of his time.In 1831, Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction, the principle behind the electric transformer and generator.” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/faraday_michael.shtml, 2017, p.3) This discovery was crucial to allow electricity to be transformed from curiosity into power for new technology. He created many words like ion, cathode and electrode he gave his name to the farad. The farad is a unit of electrical capacitance.This experiment was meant to teach if water power would be affected by a change in pressure. After all my research I better understood  my project. If i was able to continue my project i would hope to make it profitable.