Visiting a good effect on humans; leaving fear

Visiting Hiroshima City is like going into the passage of time using a time machine to the past. Every corner of the city has its own story; building, plant, and many more. They are silent witnesses, seem to be able to talk about the cruelty of nuclear use as a weapon of war or mass destruction. Especially when visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku Dome), part of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the atmosphere of the destruction of Hiroshima City is very felt there. No one in it survived the atomic bomb. It looks damaged, destroyed and charred. Even when seeing the photos around the dome, the scenery of the building was very arid, horrible. Now, the building that used to be a Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall has become a monument of the symbol of world peace.

All of the monument, as well as the museum in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, was erected not to remind the dark and sad day for Japanese, especially Hiroshima citizens, but they carry messages to the world that war will never have a good effect on humans; leaving fear and trauma. According to what is displayed on the photographs, objects, and many things in the monument and museum, it appears that explosion of atomic-bomb destroyed everything in the city. There was almost no chance for Hiroshima citizens to escape death. Most of those who survived suffered terrible burns. Within days, weeks and months following this bombing, many people had been killed by nuclear radiation. For example, a little girl named Sasaki Sadako died ten years after bombing. She was diagnosed with leukemia, even after her body was dissected, she suffered thyroid cancer; one sign that she was exposed to high level of radiation 1.

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Hiroshima is a real proof that war can never solve a problem, it caused the deaths of more than hundreds innocent lives_civilians_who have no interest in war. The story of A-bomb in Hiroshima remember people around the world that if there is a conflict, it must be resolved in smart ways like discussion, diplomacy or other peaceful ways. The problem solving through war is always not accepted by anyone because it would lead to hatred or even could be a revenge. This will create new problems. Now, we can see in the news, there are many countries are competing to make and to have nuclear weapons to show their power, especially military power, to the world. I think it is not necessary. Even their actions would be a threat as well as trigger war again. This means that the “peace” of the world that we are feeling now is threatened.

I do agree with Obama’s statement on his speech when he visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on May 27, 2016; the existence of an atomic bomb shows that humans have ability to destroy itself. He also revealed, to show the power and greatness (of the nation), is not seen from how much something we have destroyed, but what we can build for human, country, and world. From his statement, Obama has spread the messages how important peace is, also invited all countries in the world to keep the peace 2,3.

Obama’s visit to Hiroshima was used as a medium to re-campaign for nuclear weapons disarmament. The same also has been said by the Japanese Prime Minister at that time, Eisaku Sato; Japan adheres to Three Non-Nuclear Principles of not possessing, not producing and not permitting the introduction of nuclear weapons for the creation of security and peaceful 4. It emphasized that the use of nuclear as weapon of war is highly criticized and so cursed due to its dangerous.

Nuclear use should be done wisely for peace to benefit mankind. It is very suitable with the aim of IAEA that makes peaceful nuclear technology to achieve sustainable development goals including food security, health, water management and sanitation, nuclear for energy and etc 5.

Peace is an absolute value for human life where they can eat peacefully, sleep soundly, live harmony without oppression, threats, and torture. Every year, many people around the world visit to Hiroshima to see directly the cruelty of nuclear weapons. They also frequently send folded paper cranes for a hope of lasting peace. It is a sign that many people are hoping for peace, they do not want to see a war again.

Peace cannot be achieved by alone, but can be realized together. As long as nothing triggers a conflict, peace will continue. Therefore, humans have an obligation to preserve it. As Sadako hopes, we can write “peace” on the paper bird’s wings and spread the “peace” all over the world when it flies. I believe peace can be disseminated and transferred in peaceful ways too.