Violence been shocked to find children of all

in schools has increased, as the open expression of violence in society has
increased. In times past, only schools in inner-cities or rural areas worried
about severe violent behavior. School shootings in very small towns from California to New York, in all schools in the USA and districts, however diminutive, are compulsory to
now straightforwardly address the increased occurrences of school violence. Educators
have been shocked to find children of all ages arriving armed as they enter
school halls. Schools have responded decisively.
 Many school districts have begun staying
closed campuses to diminish the threat from strangers or unauthorized persons
gaining access. Other districts necessitate that all persons on campus wear
identification in all areas.   Schools
have been forced to take more drastic measures when students come armed. Many
conduct random searches (Oulton, Dillon, & Grace, 2004) or have installed metal detectors. While some people question
whether or not these searches represent an illegal search and seizure, most stakeholders-
parents, students, administrators, and teachers,  feel that the infringement on civil liberties
is slight given the risk involved. Educators today recognize that the problem
will not be solved by  metal detectors
alone. Society needs to address the causal concern which makes children carry
weapons. Many schools include conflict resolution and anger management as a
standard element of the accepted socio-emotional curriculum. They also hold
open forums to resolve conflicts do peer resolution activities, and make
counseling more available.

            Another strategy for reducing
violence, in districts large and small are beginning to require uniforms in
their schools. (Oulton, Dillon, & Grace, 2004). It has been observed that
in gang infested areas, many outbursts lead back to the clothes worn by
students. Identifying clothing, such as a particular style, color, or garment
can lead to fights and bullying. By banning gang colors and markers and then
requiring uniforms, administrators and school officials are able to prevent
much of the violence in their schools. Uniforms  can also cost less than buying designer
wardrobes thereby reducing social class distinctions.

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             In Littlefield
v. Forney Independent School District, Forney, Texas, a school board enforced the policy of school
unforms. They also banned certain baggy and ill fitting clothes. Parents in
Littlefield were denied when it was requested that their children be exempted
from the policies.. (Brode, 2016). They claimed that the policy on uniforms
violated their right as parents to dictate their children’s education and
upbringing. They also claimed that it was a violation of religious freedoms, to
essentially rank the validity of religions if they weren’t allowed to opt out. The
plaintiffs appealed when the District Court dismissed the suit prior to trial.
It was ruled that while valid, the students’ rights to speech were not
violated. They also ruled that better education would override the parents’
right to control their children’s upbringing as applied to the situation school
rules derived for the sake of safety occurred.