Vietnam definitely be amazed by the stunning landscapes

all-inclusive packages – What to explore in the North of

you wondering about what to explore for your Vietnam all-inclusive packages? Let me show you some top must-see
destinations in Northern Vietnam. And
I bet you will definitely be amazed by the stunning landscapes and hospitable

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Naturally blessed with
a variety of landscapes from highlands, national parks, hills, mountains,
forests to beaches and islands, Northern
Vietnam can satisfy all tourists – whatever they wish to explore, they can
start immediately if they join some Vietnam
all-inclusive packages for their trip. But to help you not be confused by
many choices, I would like to recommend some most popular attractions as

Tam Dao

The first
recommendation for your Vietnam
all-inclusive packages is Tam Dao. Just about 60 km from Hanoi, Tam Dao
town in Vinh Phuc province is one of the most favorite place for those wishing
to rest after a week of hard work. The first feeling when you step foot down this
dreamy land is the fresh air and there seems to be a giant natural air
conditioning quietly spraying the cold air for the whole area.

Traveling to Tam Dao,
enjoy the cold early autumn, take a sip coffee cup or relax on the romantic
ramp to see the mountain clouds. Feeling the tranquility of the evening or the
peace of the morning is no better. After a week of hard work, leaving behind
tired tension, avoiding the smoke and dust of the city, what is better than
going to peaceful Tam Dao for relaxation with nature where to find yourself the
silence in the soul.

Regarded as “the Second
Sapa of the North Vietnam” or “Dalat of the North Vietnam”, Tam Dao enables tourist
to enjoy its four seasons during the day. In the morning, you will feel cool
with fog and enjoy the wind of spring warmth playing on your hair. At noon, it
is hot summer, but it turns romantic autumn just in several hours later. And it
will be cold with the fog of winter that you will need a hug. That is also the
reason why Tam Dao is a must-stop for couples.

Discovered by the
French colony from the end of 19th century, many unique French
architectures remain and become attractive destinations in Tam Dao such as
church, television tower or Grand Ba Queu Pagoda. For those who love the peace
and wish a corner with beautiful view and sipping coffee, there is a coffee
shop called “Quan Gio” that you can see the entire town of Tam Dao and the green
mountains with the high sky and blowing wind. Also watching the sunset at Quan
Gio is definitely a romantic experience.

However, if you are an
adventure-lover, Tam Dao also satisfy your passion – it is three-peak
conquering of 15km in total during the day. They are Thach Ban, Thien Thi and
Phu Nghia peak at the pass before reaching the town. Climbing and taking a
deeper discovery into jungles will be amazing activities as well.


Despite a small town in
the mountainous northwest of Vietnam, Sapa has always been listed as one of the
must-see destinations in Vietnam for relaxation, adventure and culture exploration
of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Coming to Sapa, tourists will be amazed by the
marvelous mountains looming in front of their eyes. The green steep hills, the
colorful terraced rice fields, and the stunning mountain peaks are irresistible
appeal to every traveler.

The best time to arrive
in this highland is from September to December when it is sunny, cool and dry.
However, naturally blessed with favorable condition, Sapa is cool all
year-round even during the summer, which is opposite to the rest of The North Vietnam;
thus, many visitors flock to Sapa to avoid the hot weather. In recent years,
due to the climate change, the winter gets terribly cold and the temperature
drops sharply. If you visit Sapa in late December or early January, you may see
the snow, which never appears in the tropics.

Also home to many
ethnic minority groups such as H’ Mong, Tay, or Dao, Sapa is an idela place to explore
the unique culture of the tribal people in Vietnam. Visitors can get a deeper
understanding about the daily life of the locals by visiting their houses in Ta
Van and Cat Cat, following them to the fields, or going to the local market, enjoying
their traditional cuisine and even trying to make these dishes.

Moreover, as being influenced
by the French colony, Sapa remains a cluster of Eastern and Western culture
with some typical western-style architectures like the Stone Church and many
French-style villas as well.

Ha Giang

With its pristine
scenery, Ha Giang is not only one of the best tourist attractions in Vietnam,
but also an ideal place for all backpackers by its perfect mountainous
landscapes, dense forests, magnificent waterfalls and distinctive cultures of
tribal people.

Having remained
untouched by mass tourism, with the majestic highland, Ha Giang is the best
choice for mountain discovery in Vietnam. In spring and autumn, this region
looks charming and colorful with rice terraces, while in the winter, the mountains
are covered by snow, thus, beside Sapa, Ha Giang is also a great place to
taking photo with snow in the tropics like Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng Pass and
Happiness Road in Ha Giang are such a hit with adventurous backpackers.

Unique and high-valued
culture attracts tourists coming to this mysterious land. Spending time
visiting some villages, you can explore and get closer to the life of different
tribal groups such as Tay, Dao, Pu Peo, Nung, or Lo Lo. Dong Van Karst Global
Geopark as UNESCO-listed Park with its geological and cultural values is also
worth visiting.


Moc Chau Plateau

About 190 km from hanoi,
with cool weather all year round, Moc Chau is the ideal destination for
travelers on the weekend. As another “Dalat of the North Vietnam”, traveling to
Moc Chau in the summer or winter, tourists always enjoy the dreamy and poetic
natural beauty of this plateau. Moc Chau is famous for its white flowers,
blooms of peach blossoms and plum blossoms as well as vast green tea hills. Choosing
the right time to visit Moc Chau is very important because choosing the right
time you will be able to discover all the beauty and nature of Moc Chau.

In January and
February, it is on the peach blossom’ and plum blossom’s season in the villages
of Long Luong, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach and Na Ka plum valley. What is more
amazing than taking photos in the fields of peach blossoms and plum blossoms
booming during Tet’s holiday? From October to December, the season of wild
sunflowers and white broccoli. The white-haired hills stretch as far as the rug
and make all the villages and hills in Moc Chau covered by a pure white of the
flowers. From April to August, it is plum harvesting with cool and dry climate
– Moc Chau will be a great escape from the bustle and hustle of the busy life.

Each season, Moc Chau
welcomes us with a special flower and fruit. Many different attractions are
waiting for us to explore including green tea hills, Dai Yem waterfall, pine
forests in Ban Ang, Doi cave, Five Caves in Ban On, Happy Land and Pha Luong
summit as a popular spot for backpackers.  

Also, the unique
culture of H’mong people on their brocade and cuisine is also an appeal to
visitors. If you can, let’s come to their villages, discover and get closer to
their lifestyle.

If you are looking for
a place for your holiday, let’s pay a visit
to Vietnam and enjoy Vietnam family
packages for your trip to these top four must-see attractions in the North