Mr website would be most suitable solution

Mr Simpson is the owner of Vidgame, a video game shop company. It has five shops in Surrey but as the company is expanding rapidly it needs a way to advertise its products on a large scale. It has also set up a reward card membership program and wants to publicise it. The business also needs an alternative way to sell its games and accessories and means of contacting the company. Mr Simpson is the user of this project as he will make use of the advertise and sell his products. Consideration of Alternative solutions One solution could be to produce a booklet on a word processor or desktop publishing program.

The booklet could then be posted to the neighbourhoods near the game shops and would provide all the information needed. This could be a way to advertise its products, the reward card and there could be a mail order form, which is an alternative way of selling its products. But sending a booklet to every home in the area would be very expensive, it would use up a lot of paper and postage would be very costly. The cost of producing the booklets would be incurred each time the information needs updating. Another solution could be to advertise the information in the local newspaper. The information would reach almost everybody in the area.

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This however would not be very suitable as quite a lot of information needs to be advertised and even a large amount of space in a newspaper would not be enough. This needs to be done on a regular basis, which could prove very costly in the long term. The final option is to use a website. This would be very help as it is the most cost effective method of displaying a large amount of information. The company can be contacted with an e-mail link, products can be bought over the Internet and the customers can apply for membership online. A website is interactive so it would attract more interest than a booklet or an advertisement.

The information that the customer needs can be easily obtained using the search option or simply using the easy-to-use hyperlinks. Following considerations of the possible solutions I find that a website would be most suitable solution for this problem. It is an inexpensive way to advertise the company’s merchandise and there are many features on a website creation program that would be useful in achieving the needs of the user. A website can be easily updated; a booklet would need re-designing and re-printing. A website is also more attractive as animation and video clips can be put onto it.