Vice and work a living independently. Those practices

Vice President for Public Relations


The Public Relation Department of Wrap Eat Company plays an important role in communicating with the consumers and customers; directly and indirectly through media, and speak on behalf of client organizations with an aim to create, protect and maintain a positive image, positive word of mouth and a strong brand positioning and create a strong relationship with the target market. It is essential for the company to build and maintain good connections with the target audience, stakeholders and all others who are associated with it to assure that the given information is accurate.

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Corporate Social Responsibility












Figure ­__. Corporate Social Responsibility Triad


Community Involvement

            Maintaining good relations with the community is crucial for the long-term plans of any company. It is advantageous for Wrap Eat Company to position themselves as active members within their respective community, as good neighbors. It is the Public Relations Department’s mission to make sure that there is a continuous communication between the company and the community so there is always an exchange of thought and the company will be able to cater to those thoughts and maintain a healthy and profitable relationship. With constant communication, the company is being able to pinpoint how the social mission should go and prioritize those that greatly benefits the community based on the information gained from their feedback and address the problems they are facing. The company and the public relations department must be socially responsible and contribute to the welfare and development of the community the company resides in. Wrap Eat Company’s mission to assist in the development of the community’s ability to create something new is aimed at the community members of San Carlos, Lipa City for themselves to develop them and to be able to think like entrepreneurs and work a living independently. Those practices revolve around improving the company’s product sourcing, reducing pollution, boosting jobs to support the well-being of families in local communities, and many others. It is a priority goal for the company to set for consumers or customers to develop a solid, ongoing and reliable community relations program for this will in turn help raise awareness of the business and services, as well as being a great opportunity to get to know Wrap Eat Company’s competitors.


Environmental Action

            Wrap Eat Company focuses on finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and preserve the resources that’s left. Thus, the company is environmentally friendly. When operating a business, the company understand the importance of having clearly stated policies and procedures regarding all aspects of the company. Hence, the company adopts the following regulation of Batangas City on the use of plastic and styrofoam materials for packaging in all business transactions within the City. On the other hand, instead of using gas for cooking the company practice using the electric stove which is fairly easy to operate, and less expensive to purchase and install and also there is no risk of leakage in electric stove tops unlike gas stoves that can ignite and lead to fire. Moreover, promoting the company’s environmentally friendly methods can set the business apart from competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business.


Economic Growth

            The Philippines have been through a lot, but it is now one of the fastest growing economy in the world. With 6% growth, it outpaces most of its neighbors. Its economic growth certainly helped the company grow. With a growing middle-class family having a higher purchasing power, more and more people are becoming more confident in purchasing their needs and wants. Due to the higher productivity of the country, people are becoming busier by the day, people now have less time for themselves, even when eating. This opened a new market for easy to consume, on the go food, which is why Wrap Eat Company opened to serve that need. Sales went high selling more than what the company easily thought. With its product presented as an easy to consume, on the go food, and affordable price that its value proposition is hard to beat with no other strong competitor that can steal the market, busy people took notice and are very satisfied with the product, creating an image of affordability, easy to consume and on the go food that helped the company grow exponentially.
























            The management team mainly comprising the shareholders has wide expertise and broad knowledge of the services and markets, which if well planned for, will enable the business to realize its goals and objectives. As the company grow, Wrap Eat Company will take on additional consulting help and personnel.

            Moreover, Wrap Eat Company may face issues that affect the target consumers or the public and must have a plan for managing these issues. Along with resolving these issues, the issues may need to be communicated. The Management Team keeps an eye on any issue that has the potential to disrupt or damage the business reputation, provides information regarding the problem and create a plan for responding to the problem, what the company will share about the addressed problem, and how the issue will be presented to the public. The team creates response that will be shared, the way the company identifies and handles the issues when problem arises can have a positive or negative on the company’s brand.

            Moving forward, the management team addresses the public immediately whenever there is a crisis. Second, the company in question maintains honesty because the public is more willing to forgive an honest mistake than a calculated lie. Third, the company is informative because the media as well as the public may create their own rumors if no information is given to them by the company in crisis because rumors can cause and affect the company’s image. The organization is also concerned and shows the public that they care whenever crisis arises. Finally, maintains two-way relationships. This is important because the company can learn a lot about the status of public opinion by listening. These are necessary to manage any crisis public relations situation.

The Management Team