The Situation

In this case, the situation is about developing a batter marketing strategy, using perceptual maps for a product that targets a particular group of people. Perceptual maps do represent the visual aspects of the product for easy conceptualization since it provides more details about the brand (Surhone, Timpledon & Marseken, 2010). It aims at conceptualizing, capturing and maintaining a sizeable market share for the product. Therefore, it significantly helps in selling the product, identifying and finding solution to marketing simulation.

Recommended Solution

In using perceptual maps, the marketers have to reflect on a number of recommendations, which are vital for the success of the selling strategy (Surhone, Timpledon & Marseken, 2010). In order to solve the marketing problems, the marketer must develop a perceptual map that illustrates the product’s feature and a different one showing the attributes of the ones offered by the competitor.

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From the perceptual map, the marketer should explain the research ratings about his/her product’s features, in comparison with the attributes of the competitor’s brand (Surhone, Timpledon & Marseken, 2010). This is to convince the potential customers about the advantages they stand to derive from the product as opposed to the one offered by the competitors.

In particular, when the perceptual map is observed objectively, the marketer chooses the best parameters to explain the product (Surhone, Timpledon & Marseken, 2010). This is critical because the customers would see the features, thereby make informed and choices. Therefore, the marketer must remain objective while addressing the marketing dynamics since the practice would definitely shape the information presented on the perceptual map.


Under this simulation, the varied responses indicate that the brand had high and low features, of different levels depending on the customer ratings. In this case, whatever one customer thinks is a high attribute could actually be demeaned by the other client. The other result is that, using the perceptual map gives room for comparison of different or competing brands. To illustrate this perception, consider the tabulated findings bellow:

Table 1

CompanyThorr Motorcycles Inc.Haruhiro – Daisetsu Motorcycles
Engine FeaturesSuperior EngineDurable Engine
Lifestyle ImageHigh – Upper MarketFun – Younger Market
ServiceLimited ServiceSupport to Dealers