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Urban legends are controversial stories that are often based upon thrilling events of recent history. These stories are usually accompanied by elements of horror, adventure, and humor that create an intriguing experience. Though some individuals believe specific urban legends to be authentic, there is no legitimate proof/evidence in history that proves these incidents ever took place. Most of these stories depict our society’s darkest fears and terrors.The following urban legend, specifically, has continued to victimize innocent readers with its pure apprehension for nearly three decades. “The Kidney Thieves” originated decades ago, and throughout these decades, unique variants of the story have come to life. Perhaps the most infamous variant of the story, however, begins with a twenty-four-year-old woman, Megan, from Chicago, Illinois. Weeks ago, this twenty-four-year old woman was pressured by two of her close friends to attend their house party. Three hours later, she was nearly drunk and met up with a man whom she really liked. After chatting with each other for nearly two hours, the man invited her to another party. She agreed and decided to go along with him. She continued to drink shortly after her arrival at this party.Eight hours passed. Megan finally awoke, but was in an environment in which she did not recognize—a bathtub filled with ice, but she did not recall falling asleep there. Upon looking down, she noticed her chest, written in bright lipstick, had “CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY” written on it. She noticed her cellphone was on the edge of the bathtub, and dialed the police. Megan explained to the operator what happened, or what she could recall. The operator advised her to move out from the bathtub, in which she did. She appeared normal, and was instructed to check her backside. In the mirror, she observed two six-inch incisions on either side of her lower back. The operator then instructed her to get back in the bathtub and wait for EMS to arrive.