Tuskegee to be able to find a


The Tuskegee experiment
was an experiment done to record the progression of syphilis and to be able to
find a way to prevent. This experiment was done to analyze and prevent the
transmission of syphilis around the globe. The experiment used to be called “Tuskegee
Study on Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male”. The experiment was born out of
the curiosity of many scientist to further understand the virus and annihilate
it completely even after the medicine of choice that was used to prevent it was
penicillin. The experiment consisted of 600 black men from which 399 of them
had the actual syphilis virus while the 201 left of the people in the group did
not have the disease. This series of experiments were incorrectly and
unethically managed as the patients had no knowledge or had given any type of
consent. While they were experimented on, those who were part of the experiment
were told they were being tested ad helped against “bad blood” which back in the
day it was used to describe a;; sorts of diseases related to the blood such as
syphilis, fatigue, and anemia. The only benefits this “participants” received were
free medical exams, meals, and burial insurance as they were not getting the
proper preventive treatments for the proper disease. The project itself was
supposed to last for about 6 months but in fact lasted for around 40 years.

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Syphilis first appears in the body between 10-90
days but in average of around 21 days. During the first stages of syphilis the
appearance of an ulcer firm, tiny, and painless. The ulcer normally heels by itself,
On the second stage of syphilis, the skin develops rashes that are non-itchy(can
last 2-6 weeks), small blotches, acne, warts by the ground area, white pouches
in then mouth, or pus-filled eruptions. During the first and second stages of
syphilis, those who are infected can transmit the virus very easily to others
they are being sexually fluent with. Syphilis also has a stage where if its
untreated can damage the body your internal organs such as liver, brain, and