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The reason that they can print them off in low quality is that they are only going to the client for them to view, they are not going to be used as the blueprints for the construction in which case they would have to be very good as to ensure there are no mistakes during its construction. Graphics tablets will be used for the CAD user to draw out their CAD designs a bit like they would have done when they designed on paper. A graphics tables lets the user use a tablet pen (much like a normal pen but with a laser) and a graphics tablet that is a large sized ‘sheet’ for them to draw on.

Using the graphics tablets allows them to be more accurate and makes the drawing easier for them because as they draw with it the drawings come up on the screen; allowing it to be used like a pen and paper as they are used to doing. This is a lot easier then using a mouse or other pointer device for the user because they have more control over their drawings with the graphics tablet, which means they will make less mistakes, saving time on their drawings and making the designing process quicker.

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There are a few different ways that the computers could be networked, they known as topologies and the different topologies are called bus, star and ring. The bus topology is the slowest way of connecting the computers together but is also the cheapest. On this small network I don’t think the speed of this will be much of a problem as there will only be a plotter and two computers connected to it. The star network is fastest and probably the most fault tolerant network listed, but it is also the most expensive type of network.

For the small network that we are having connected doesn’t really need this speed because its only two computers and the speed wouldn’t make much of a difference. The ring method has a good fault tolerance but for a system as small as the one that we are connecting together this wouldn’t be too different to a bus network. If the company buys the computers or build them up they are going to need to have an operating system to integrate the hardware and software together.

The operating system will communicate directly with the BIOS of the motherboard to find out what components are plugged into the computer and what types they are. The operating system is also very important because it communicates between the software applications, like word processing packages and CAD packages etc and the hardware, like the graphics card and sound cards etc. The CAD application that the company wants is a package which will allow the user to create technical drawings that will give the dimensions and the shapes of the design relatively fast and for it to be done to a high quality standard.

The main reason for using a CAD package over hand drawings is time; CAD makes technical drawings much faster for the user. They could draw more technical drawings in the time that it would take them to draw one by hand, this speeds up their work so that they can send the drawings to the workshop and have them constructed, this will increase their efficiency dramatically. This application will also need to output . DWG formatted files as this is the file format which is used by the CAM machine to read and construct from.

The company will also require an internet browser to view websites on, the main reason for being able to view websites is that when an update is released for any of the software running on the computer they can then go to that company’s website and find the file then download and install it. The web browser may also be used for more than just viewing websites, some of the applications may require one to view the help filers as they could be in a web based file format.

The company may also require a word processing package to view the help files that come with the CAD application and other software applications which will be installed on the computer. The reason for this is that they may not come in a web based formatted document, they could come in a text formatted document which can only be opened by a word processor. Another application which the company will require is a firewall, the reason for this is that their computers will have internet access and a firewall will help stop any unauthorized people gaining access to the computer system.

If some one did gain access to the system the damage they do could be a lot, for example if they deleted all files on the computer before a backup had been made it would mean a whole day’s work would have been wasted. Even with all the files deleted the company would have to pay to have the computer system fixed with every thing reinstalled, with a firewall however the chances of this happening are greatly reduced. P4 For the hardware solutions I have decided not to build the computers my self but to buy them from a company called Dell.

The reason for this is that they sell cheap computers which will perform the tasks which my client requires of them. They also have a one year warranty where they will send a Dell engineer out to fix the computer should any thing go wrong with it. As all dell computers come preinstalled with Windows XP on it, I am going to be using Windows XP Professional as my operating system as this version of Windows XP has all of the advanced features that will be required for this system.

The cheapest software solution that I could find was to use DeltaCAD due to the cheapness of the application its self and the low hardware requirements and it does not require any other applications on the computer to run. The specifications of DeltaCAD v5. 0 are shown below: Component Minimal Recommended Processor Pentium II/equivalent Pentium II/equivalent RAM 64MB 64MB Hard drive 100MB 100MB Video card 16-bit colour, 800 x 600 resolution 24-bit true colour, 1024 x 768 resolution Optical drive CD-ROM CD-ROM Pointing device Mouse.

Mouse Operating system Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP The cost of this application is i?? 19. 70 which is very cheap when compared to the other CAD applications which I have listed, also this application only requires a Windows operating system to run, it does not require a web browser, word processor or any other application to work correctly. This means that the total software cost of this software solution excluding the operating system as this will be included with the computer we buy will be i??

19. 70 for the one licence, but the company will be requiring two licences making the cost i?? 39. 40. The mid ranged software solution that I think would be suitable to the task the company requires is to use TurboCAD, this keeps the software costs down while still trying to keep the drawing time down on this as well. The problem with TurboCAD is that it doesn’t output files in a . DWG format, although they claim that the file format outputted is perfectly compatible with any CAM machine which uses . DWG files formats.

The specifications of what is required to run this application are shown in the table below: Component Specification Processor Pentium II/equivalent RAM 128MB Hard drive 220MB Video card 16 bit high colour, Super VGA 1024 x 768 resolution Optical drive CD-ROM x4 speed Pointing device Mouse Operating system Windows 98, NT4, 2000 and XP Help file viewer Any text editor capable of opening . RTF files This application only requires a Windows operating system to run on and a word processing package of any kind which will read . RTF files. The price for TurboCAD its self is i??

369. 67 for the one licence, for two licences which the company will require as they will have two computers costs i?? 1109. 01. I have not included the word process or the operating system costs in this because the operating system will be covered with the computer we buy and all Windows operating systems TurboCAD 10 is compatible with come with a free word processing application. The most expensive system I am recommending to the company to perform their tasks is AutoCAD 2005, this is the most recent version of AutoCAD from Autodesk.

Even though this is the most expensive software solution it does everything that the company requires extremely well, it makes drawing the blueprints a lot faster as all of the features, layout and just the way it has been made make the whole process faster. The specifications to run this application are shown in the table below: Component Specification Processor Pentium III 800 MHz/equivalent RAM 256MB Hard drive 300MB Video card True colour, 1024 x 768 resolution Optical drive CD-ROM Pointing device Mouse Operating system Windows 2000 and XP Help file viewer Internet browser.

To view the help files in AutoCAD 2005 you require an Internet browser, but Windows already comes with one called Internet Explorer so there will be no need to cost for another browser. The price for a single licence of AutoCAD 2005 is i?? 2,058 and for two licences of the product it will cost i?? 4,116. For the low, medium and high solutions I will be using Microsoft Windows XP Professional as the operating system, the reason for this is that it is the latest operating system produced by Microsoft, is very stable and has advanced networking facilities built into it.