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Tsegaye GriverMs. Newton English 9Character Analysis When you pick up a book, before even reading it you can usually guess what can of character the narrator is, but in J.D. Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye, you would never expect the main character or the narrator to be a lying, depressed, phony, and  such a self involved character. At first glance, Holden Caulfield is easy to dislike.  However, the more time you spend with Holden, the protagonist and narrator the more you realize there are reasons for Holden’s many flaws. Holden is still mourning the death of his younger brother, who passed away three years earlier and the crushing burden of his family’s lofty expectations of him.  He reacts by failing school on countless occasions, running away, and drifting through life without purpose or goals.  Yet, if we manage to put ourselves in his shoes, we soon realize that Holden is struggling with many of the same problems and issues as most teenagers.  As we watch Holden try, and mostly fail, to deal with his various problems, such as the loss of his brother, his inability and unwillingness to fulfill his parents desired realists of him, and his perspective of the world.Throughout the novel, Holden  mourns the loss of his little brother Allie, who was one of his closest family members.  The loss of a loved family member is difficult enough, however, it is much more difficult when you are young. In addition to this burden, there is no evidence of anyone helping Holden carry the weight of his misfortune. Throughout the novel, it is quite apparent that Holden is still mourning his brothers death three years later. As he was walking on  Lexington Avenue he talks to his brother as though he was walking beside him. He asks Allie for help, ” Every time I’d get to the end of a block I’d make believe I was talking to my brother Allie. I’d say to him, ‘ Allie don’t let me disappear” (218).  The fact that Holden is still communicating with his brother tells us he does not fully accept his brother is gone. Holden is still holding on to the memories and the past. Certain people mourn different then others, Holden mourns by sometimes acting as though he has nothing to lose. Directly after begging Allie not to let him disappear, Holden ponders if he should go Hitchhiking his way out west ad run bum a ride through the Holland. The mere fact that he would even think about taking such dangers actions after oddly talking to his brother leads readers to conclude, one holden has not yet accepted his brothers loss, readers can could this based off the rash actions he takes after thinking about his brother. Furthermore, Holden calls people who are charismatic, wealthy, attractive, friendly to others, or superficial phonies. He is so dedicated to this word, that he uses it thirty five times throughout the novel. Ironically enough, this is who holden truly is. In the novel he unknowingly admits to the readers, “I am the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life” (19). The dictionary defines a phony as someone who is not genuine or fraudulent, but I think he interprets phones as people he might get close to because of the way he defines phonies. He does not want to get to attached to someone and have to bare losing them. He acts this way because the loss of Allie is eating him inside out. Holden might feel as though he is being abandoned because his parents have not shown much interest I him. His parents Ignorance is leaving him no choice, but to get their attention.