Helen are visual ( television, video, movies ),

Helen Caldicott a famous physician, humanist, empassioned supporter for nuclear disarmament and a true woman of peace. Born 1938 in Melbourne, Helen Caldicott is recognized in every corner of the globe as the most visible supporter for peace in the world. Dr. Helen Caldicott is one of the world’s leading anti-nuclear activists. With persistence and passion she has provoked people around the planet to reject nuclear weapons. This essay is going to discuss differences between an auto biography and a biography about Helen Caldicott by using techniques, personal responses, and variety of texts in different media types.

A comparison between the 2 media types of Dr. Helen Caldicott. A biography is an account of a person’s life written, composed, or produced by another and an auto biography is an account of a person’s life but written by themselves. The differences about an auto biography than a biography, is that the person who talks about themselves know more about their way of life. Explained more detailed, their past experiences and so on. Certain biographies only explain a small portion of Helen Caldicott, where auto biographies she explains a whole wide range of things about herself.

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The different types of mediums used in biographies are visual ( television, video, movies ), print media ( books, newspapers, novels ) and audio ( radio AM, FM ). Each one of these media productions explain the biography differently to each other like in video about famous Australians, Helen Caldicott she talked about herself, one of the world’s leading anti-nuclear activists and the places showed in the video reinforced her point of view. Showing places where they protested against nuclear power.

The auto biography of the famous Dr. Helen Caldicott is showed in a video, the video is narrated by an over voice which asks questions about Dr. Helen Caldicott why she is famous and where she answers and she is liked being interviewed. The setting where she is explaining about herself is based in a peace garden to support her point of view that she is an anti-nuclear protester and peaceful.

The camera focuses on using mid shots when interviewing Dr. Helen Caldicott and far shots when showing the protests and nuclear power plants to get a good view of what Dr. Helen Caldicott is protesting about. The music played during the video was part of the 40’s which emphasises that this event happened during the 1948. Not much is being said in an interview; Helen only explains the questions given not everything about her self. The biography of Dr. Helen Caldicott is presented in a print media; book “1st World Encyclopaedia”.

It explains more detailed information about Dr. Helen Caldicott when she was born, the family, school etc than the video but shows no pictures, shots or photos to support and give the readers an idea about Dr. Helen Caldicott. The set text also uses techniques including repetition, quotes example of quote “What we did was we actually led a revolution of thinking in America” this shows how Helen Caldicott was leading a better future and how much she wanted to get rid of nuclear power plants and example of repetition of “nuclear war” where it shows how much she really wants to get rid of it.

This gives the reader more information about Helen but the video gives the audience an image of what Helen Caldicott went through. The purpose of video was to show what Dr. Helen Caldicott had done for us. If it wasn’t for her to protest about the nuclear power plants, the future right now would be horrific. This video doesn’t explain the life of Helen Caldicott but what a heroic and courageous thing she has done. The film, camera shots ( the mid shots and far shots ), settings all reinforced her point of view about her fame.

However the book “1st World Encyclopaedia” explained Helen Caldicott from beginning until now, when she was born, what school she went to, her career, ambition, everything. This aims to describe more about Helen to the reader and give an idea about Helen than what she done for the planet. The context of the book “1st World Encyclopaedia” about Helen Caldicott explains more just her significance but what she says and how it influences what is said. Example “That’s the miracle of the century, that Russia and America are friends now.

That we’re not going to blow up the earth, having seen that happen in my lifetime, having been part of that process, anything can happen” shows that what she said in 1990, made people to calm down over the nuclear threat. Another example “What we did was we actually led a revolution of thinking in America” revealed what she done made America change by being influenced by what she said. Throughout the context of the book this influences the reader by revealing the past of a great and wonderful woman named Helen Caldicott who risked everything just for a better future giving the reader a strong sense of courage.

Going through many media and text types about Dr. Helen Caldicott has considered and informed me about showing an auto biography in the video is better than showing it in print media of Helen because of the fact Helen Caldicott knows the truth of herself than anyone else, can answer in person and explains her reason for fame than in any other media type and showing places in the video of protests, nuclear plants give the readers an idea what she is talking about.

To conclude this, the 2 biographies chosen in the video and book may have shown explained Helen Caldicott differently but both of them share the same comparison which is what it informs the reader what Dr. Helen Caldicott was famous for, having a strong sense of courage and freeing the planet from nuclear wars.