Topic re-establish diplomatic relations in 2012 Paragraph 3:

Topic Sentence: During the war in Afghanistan, Canada played a vital role in securing a victory and helping to rebuild afghanistan Point: Canada was one of the first countries to give their naval and ground troops to help aid the efforts in afghanistanEvidence: Canada joined with the other countries who were also providing naval aid and started a counter terrorist naval campaign from 2001-2012. During one operation Canada sent 15 naval ships and over 1,500 naval personnel. They also sent  soldiers on the ground as well as tanks and armored vehicles. The air force also sent UAV, transport and also fighting helicopters. A total of around 40,000 canadians were sent to afghanistanAnalysis: This shows that not only is canada reliable in a wr situation but it  is also versatile being able to supply aid on the ground, in the air and in the water.                                                              Point: Canada did not only help during the war but they also helped with rebuilding afghanistan Evidence: Canada spent a staggering 18 billion dollars during their time in afghanistan. After the war Canada started to focus on rebuilding instead of fighting. In 2009 Canada started a dam project which created 10,000 seasonal jobs. During Prime Minister Harper’s visit to afghanistan he announced a Canadian funded UNICEF project that provided education to 20,000 kids Analysis: Canada was focused on first getting rid of the taliban and then right after help get afghanistan right back up on its feet showing how quick and efficient canada is at providing aid Concluding Sentence:Canada was a important part of aiding afghanistan and getting rid of the terrorist threat. This also led to Canada and afghanistan to re-establish diplomatic relations in 2012   Paragraph 3: Subtopic 2Topic Sentence: 9/11 was one of the scariest days in history and a day everyone stepped up to help those in need Point: When the US closed its airspace, hundreds of planes with thousands of passengers on board were diverted to Canadian airports. Evidence: In Gander, Newfoundland 37 flights were diverted to the airport. The town had less than 10,000 people took action to find food and for almost 7,000 people. School bus drivers were on strike jumped in to help  to provide transportation to area schools and halls. Medical prescriptions were filled by pharmacies for free, and people opened their homes to passengers in need of a coffee or a shower.Analysis: This extreme act of kindness was performed by regular canadian civilians shows that it doesn’t take a big government with an enormous budget for canadians to provide aid in a countries time of need. This act was also shown throughout almost all of canada’s provinces Point: president obama’s thank you to canada on the 10th anniversary of 9/11