To about the new and effective psychology-based entrepreneurship

To whom this may concern:


Your team is currently looking for a summer
intern and it is a pleasure to come forward as a candidate for the position. As
I was preparing my application and this letter, I have learned about the new
and effective psychology-based entrepreneurship training that was launched in
Togo. It is extraordinary that on average, participants increased profits by 30
per cent compared to no effect in traditional business trainings. It is great to
know that you can scale up this project to many other countries. You surely
have multiple candidates to consider, and I feel obligated to honor the
importance of this search to World Bank offering additional insights into my
professional profile that will provide some context around my decision to apply
to the position.

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After reading through my resume, you might have notice that, both my
studies and my work have been primarily focused in providing me an excellent
training for the evaluation on antipoverty programs
and effective solutions to improve the lives of the poor. This chosen path is motivated by my passion for
bringing together science and serving the common good. I have been lucky to
secure opportunities such as JPAL and Pompeu Fabra University where I was able
to successfully learn to use statistical analysis always with the purpose of
understanding the direct and indirect consequences of public policies in the
health and labor sector. So, hopefully, these attributes – analytical thinking,
purpose of giving, enjoyment working with other smart people – will put me in a
position to participate on and lead teams in the future.


Also, it seems pertinent for your team to
know of my unique international background and ability to excel in a variety of
environments. Professional flexibility and diversity is an
attribute I’ve developed on purpose. For instance, one of the reasons I chose the excellent master in Public Policy
and Development at Paris School of Economics is for its high percentage of
diversity (more than 50% of the current cohort is international) and the opportunity to live and learn in a new environment. You’ll also see I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and I am studying
French, and that I have lived in both developed and developing countries for
studying such as Spain, France, England and United States, volunteering in Nepal
and working in India. Not only these experiences reinforced my interest in
pursuing a career in research on sustainable development but — Your
team would be adding a person who thrives in diverse environments and works
well cross-functionally.


understand how important it is to World Bank to find a person who can make a
positive impact and help advance the Bank’s mission. It’s also important that World Bank find someone who will be a collaborative member of the team and who makes smart decisions and
that is certainly how others would characterize me. I hope that you have found
this letter useful as you consider your pool of applicants and also sincerely
hope that we’ll be afforded an opportunity to communicate further.