To novel about maturation and growth because

To kill a mockingbird is essentially a novel about maturation and growth because it mainly targeted scouts development process as she started to understand the world around her. As the book continued, Scout, the main character naturally matured because her father asked her to and also because of the events that surrounded her. Gradually, scout learnt how to control her temper and to let go of things. In the beginning of the story we witnessed scout getting into fights over small things. One good example about how quickly scout used to lose her temper was when she got into a fight with walter cunningham, the fuss was basically that scout got scolded by her teacher when scout tried to explain her the reason why walter didn’t bring his lunch and how he could never pay a loan back, which was a not a good reason yo starting a fight.( quote). Scout later got into a fight with her other classmate cecil jacobs because he called scouts’s dad a nigger a lover( quote ).Although scout didnt quite understand the meaning of what cecil meant, she still lost her temper and started to beat cecil because his comments involved her father. Scout later had a discussion about cecil’s comments with atticus, where he told her about cecil defending a coloured man, tom robinson and also he told her that jem and her would have to face ugly talks about it in the community ( quote). Atticus made scout to promise him that no matter what bad comments people pass about atticus she’ll never get into a fight with anyone at school or other places as fighting with someone was not a solution to any problem and if she would break their promise she would ‘let atticus down’. Scout kept her father’s words in her mind and ignored all the bad comments, even whb cecil kept commenting about her father instead of getting into a fight with him she simply walked away( quote). The decision scout made of just simply walking out of the situation proved her self control and also highlighted her maturation process. However scout couldnt keep up with atticus’s promise for a long time. When she met her cousin Francis at a christmas dinner he insulted atticus in the same way as cecil did. This made scout very angry and she broke her promise with atticus by beating up francis.