To but this year we have exceeded our

To say that I’m excited to be
writing this note would be an understatement of monumental proportions. But
editor’s notes are always treacherous to write. How do you encompass all the
hopes and plans you have for your publication? And how do you express your
sincere desire to uphold the traditions that make it unique?


I’m a magazine enthusiast, a
junkie who from my earliest school days has been obsessed with flipping through
the pages of magazines, first absorbed in their pictures and stories, later
assigning and editing my own.  The
standard set by last year’s yearbook was high, but this year we have exceeded
our own expectations and produced a comprehensive review of the work and extra
curricular life at Hopetown.

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Life at Hopetown moves
quickly, with many changes witnessed at almost every turn. Everyone has a part
to play and I’m delighted that we have been able to chronicle just a few of the
developments here.

As a student of Hopetown, I’m
very proud of my School’s publications. There was a new section, “The Think
Tank ” been added to our monthly magazine, Beneath The Purple Roof this
year.  It is a combined effort of a very
talented group of students.


I can’t believe how time has
flown and how this magazine has grown from leaps and bounds. There is something
for everyone here.  The variety and
creativity of the articles and events in these pages represents the talents of
the students and staff alike.


On behalf of the Magazine
Team, I would like to thank everybody who contributed.  In particular, many thanks go to Srinjoy sir
and Divya ma’am for their endless energy in making this magazine possible,
Amrit Mann for her immense contribution to the Editorial Board, Aanya Singhal
for the art work, Aiko Verma for the photographs and Anamika De for assisting
in typing and editing.


Vanshika Bhatia

Editor in Chief


Signing off