Tidal and has been used for around

Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts tide energy into electricity and other forms of power. Tidal energy is renewable depending on the flow of waters and has been used for around two thousand years. Tidal energy is used a lot like wind energy except they are below the surface instead of above it. It converts the movement of water coming from a change in tide which is the kinetic energy into electricity. There are no tidal plants in the United States because of legal concerns and there are few places where they are at like South Korea and France because tidal energy is expensive. Many countries such as China, France, England, Canada, and Russia are more fitted to use this type of energy rather than other countries. The Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station in South Korea is the largest tidal facility that has been made. It was made in response to Sihwa Lake becoming contaminated and investigated in the 70’s and got a lot of attention as a strategy to counter rising oil prices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The recovery of water quality and ecosystems has helped in biodiversity and has improved the water quality in general. There are many good reasons why we should use tidal energy. Because it is consistent and tides happen everyday at certain times and the power the tides contain are on average very similar, it allows sufficient amounts of energy to be collected daily. Tidal energy is also efficient at low speeds because it is way more dense this causes tidal plants to produce more or the same amount of electricity at lower speeds. Tidal plants are fueled by water so it won’t pollute the air like other energy resources and helps decrease the burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. There is another side to tidal energy which are the disadvantages. Although it may reduce the use of fossil fuels, tidal plants affects marine life and their surroundings such as fish and seabirds. By disturbing their habitats it could cause migrations and much more. The initial cost of tidal plants is very high and a lot of businesses are not canny to the high price it takes which causes conflict as to if they should invest that kind of money or not. While tidal plants seem good there is a limited useful period because surging tides only happen 10 out of a 24 hour period and makes for around 40% of the year. The figure shown below represents different kinds of energy and its efficiency showing that tidal is the second most efficient.