Throughout the attack the Israeli athletes were so

Throughout the Olympics there have been a lot of controversial events. One is the Munich Massacre where Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes and took them hostage and tortured them. These two countries have been fighting since the  Holocaust when the Israelis were given a big part of Palestine, and I think this is definitely one of the most controversial Olympics ever to be held and this will be remembered for a very long time.BackgroundIsrael and Palestine have been fighting for a long time. The fighting started during the Holocaust when a lot of Israelis had died and were given a big part of Palestine. The Arabs did not like this idea and thought that this was very unfair and got angry with Israel taking over their home, and over the years the Israeli population had gotten bigger. Soon they were claiming that Palestine was like their home to. Some of the fighting was about the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is a large piece of land that they have been fighting over for a long time too.Build UpSome of the  athletes were nervous because it was the first time in Germany since the Holocaust. Some of the Israeli athletes were especially nervous because some of them had family members who were killed in the Holocaust or were survivors. There were actually warnings of an attack, but German officials ignored this. It was almost like they didn’t care. The first few days before the attack the Israeli athletes were so excited they went to go to see the play Fiddler on the Roof. After the play they went back to the Village and had a very good night’s sleep.The HeartAt about 4 o’clock on September 5, 1972 a group of Palestinian terrorists climbed and jumped over a six-foot wall that circled around the Olympic Village. This group of terrorists were called the Wrath of God, and were part of the organization Black September. They killed two Israeli athletes at the Olympic Village and then went and took nine other Israelis hostage. At around 5:10 the German Police were notified about this attack and soon the whole world knew. For twenty hours the Police were trying to find the hostages and in that time the Israeli athletes were being tortured. After the attack in the Olympic Village the Terrorists left a piece of paper with all of their requirements. They said that they needed 234 prisoners let out from the Israeli prisons and two of them from a German Prison, and wanted this all done by 9 a.m. At 5 a.m the Palestinian terrorists knew that their wants were not going to happen so they asked for two planes to fly them to Cairo, Egypt  hoping that there will be someone who can help them meet their standards. After this the Germans came up with Operation Sunshine. Operation Sunshine was a plan to storm the apartment building, but sadly the terrorists found out about this plan by watching TV. At about 10:30 p.m the terrorists took their helicopter to the Furstenfeldbruck airport. The German police were too fast and got to the airport faster than the terrorists and had snippers  prepared for what was to come.  Once they terrorists arrived police started shooting the snippers and the terrorists quickly shot right back. This turned into a huge gunfight. Two terrorists and one of the policemen died from the fight. Then the terrorists knew that they could not win. One of the terrorists leaped into one of the helicopters and killed four of the Israeli hostages leaving five left. Shortly after this another terrorist went into the same helicopter and used a machine gun and left the last five hostages dead. The police killed three more terrorists.Short Term Impact Three of the Palestinian survived and were taken to prison. A couple of months later the last three terrorists were let out after two other members of Black September threatened to blow up one of the German planes if they did not release the three terrorists that originally attacked the Israelis in the first place.At the end of the attack eleven Israeli athletes, five Israeli coches, five terrorists, and one German policeman died with a total of twenty- two people dead. Then on september 6 a special memorial was held for the athletes who had died.Thirty thousand other athletes attended to this memorial along with eighty thousand other people that wanted to come. Long Term ImpactEver since the terrorist attack in 1972 people have been worried about the Olympic security. Nobody expected an attack on the 1972 Olympics. Nobody was worried so they only spent about two million dollars, but after the attack the 1976 Olympics in Montreal upped the price to around one hundred million dollars. More people volunteered too. Around thirteen thousand five hundred military soldiers were hired. More police were hired too, along with a bunch of people who volunteered to protect the athletes and coaches.  No one was even thinking about there being a terrorist attack. After the 1972 Olympic games and during the 1976 Olympic games every body felt uncomfortable. In previous games everybody was happy and the Olympics were supposed to be an international event were different countries come together and share their talents of sport with the world, but with the attacks and all the bad happening it made the Olympics uncomfortable and the happiness went away for a while. Conclusion Today people still remember this terrible event in Olympic history. They have a little ceremony to remember the Israelis who died in 1972. In Sydney Australia in 1999 they revealed a memorial in one of the light towers to remind us of the ones who died and to never forget 1972 Massacre tragedy.