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Throughout the old ages, many females have guided humanity to make changes that have helped the female gender in general. Many have been looked up to as heroes and martyrs for making a stand for what they believed in. Susan B. Anthony and the tragic character Antigone from the Greek tragedy were both courageous and brave woman. During their time, they defied rules and laws for many good reasons. These two women lived in a male dominant society, filled with sexism.Antigone is wildly known as the tragic hero, and a martyr in many others eyes. She was a young princess who faced countless causalities in her life. She was cursed with being a daughter to Oedipus, the king that fulfilled his prophecy to murder his father and marry his mother and him doing that caused a plague to course through the town of Thebes. She later defies King Creon who was also her uncle, who made cruel judgment prohibiting the burial of her brother, Polyneices who attempted to gain the crown from his brother Eteocles. Antigone fights for her belief that her brother should be put to rest with a deserving burial she preaches the Gods laws. She was executed for doing what was the absolute right thing. Antigone believed the Gods law was far more important than the man’s laws, and she had no fear of the authority.Susan B. Anthony was a liberal Quaker and dedicated activist. She once opposed the use of liquor and pushed for the immediate end of slavery. During the American Civil War, she founded the Women’s Loyal League to fight for the abolition of slavery. In 1851, her hard work for women’s right to vote soon began. She put her heart on reforming New York State laws about discriminating against women. Susan B. Anthony organized women all around the state to campaign for new legal reforms. She was convinced that women entirely wouldn’t gain their rights or be effective in getting their reforms until they had the right to vote. Although she did not live to see her dream come true, women were in fact given the right to vote I the 19th amendment, and she should be owed deeply for her effortless effort.Though Susan’s punishment wasn’t as severe as Antigone’s, she did succeed in getting what she wanted. Sure, she died before the 19th amendment had been adopted, people should acknowledge her hard work, and dedication she put into fighting for her rights and our rights as well. As a result of my research, you can see that even though Antigone and Susan B. Anthony was born at different times but they still share similarities nonetheless. Their defiance, bravery, and beliefs have gained us better opportunities today. Men and women still aren’t equal to this day, but these two women have brought women a long way from where we once were.