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Throughout time, people have been portrayed as good or evil based on their actions and how their actions affected the world. From an observant point of view, one may ask “How did that individual get to that stage in their life?”/”Was that person always like that?”. So the individual may make an assumption to that question based on their legacy. However, it’s much simpler than just a person being born evil, or to those who go deeper, those whose destiny it is to be evil. No individual person is born evil, rather they are molded by the events that happen to them and who they are is the result of their life.One infamous example (that almost anyone would use) is Adolf Hitler. Many look at this man and view him as the most evil person in all of history, but sometimes, people wonder what made him do those actions against humanity. What isn’t commonly known is that Adolf’s youth was riddled with emotional trouble, such as a Father who didn’t approve of his Fine Arts career choice and the death of his family over the years left him homeless, not being able to apply to an art school in Vienna, where he moved to. During those hard times, his anti-semitism had started to truly develop. Despite being an Austrian citizen, Hitler had applied for the German Army in WW1 and had been present in some battles, earning him some awards (Iron Cross 1st Class, and Black Wound Badge), although Germany had surrendered in 1918, being forced to pay for all the war debt. This caused Hitler and all of Germany not only to fall into debt, but also to be led to believe that Marxists and Civil leaders betrayed them, embedding Hitler’s ideologies he used to lead Germany into the National Socialist reform. And because of all the power he had after becoming Supreme Chancellor in 1933, all that power got into Hitler’s head and he had used that power to Invade and round up Jewish populus to eliminate the whole race. Because of his experiences as a child that had shaped and molded him, Hitler had truly believed the only way to fix the world would to be killing every last Jew on the face of the earth.How does Lord of the Flies connect with Adolf Hitler? To a certain degree, with a character who was in the same boat. Jack. THroughout the novel, the reader observes how Jack slowly but surely become a savage with zero remorse for others as the events on that island shaped and molded him. One of those events being the Pig. First time he tried to kill it but had failed. Everyone had made fun of him and that slowly turned him against the survivors on the island. And after many endurings of this constant bullying and constant deviation of civil behavior, Jack had physically went off on one of the youngin’s, over throwing Ralph and making him, now, Dictator. Even in the Article by Jeffrey Kluger, “What Makes us Moral”, he stated that a magazine by the name of “NeuroImage” had published a study that The National Institute of Mental Health, finding that over the course of showing various legal and illegal scenarios to 20 volunteers, the border and reaction of good and bad had slowly started to merge and less of a shock was present in the volunteers after more and more scenarios were shown. This is what happened to Jack, in the regard that the more pigs he killed, the more and more he became what he saw when killing those pigs. A savage with no regard for civility. Even if there are fictional or historical events, the situations that happen to an individual can affect the way that person is brought up. Ultimately affecting how they will act and be known as in their life. Whether the events may be because of life’s shortcomings and betrayal by Country Leaders or even being pushed over the edge into becoming a savage dictator on a deserted island, A person is born as a blank slate. Once that slate is marked, it cannot be undone. One more thing to add is that children going through adolescence are portrayed as a sponge, and they absorb the information and the world around them. Adolf Hitler, as a child, and Jack in Lord of the Flies were sponges and all those shortcomings that happened to the both of them were absorbed and molded the way their lives and behaviors would unfold.