Through (US Department of Human and Health

the development of vaccinations, all major medical organizations have stated that
vaccines aren’t anything but safe. Organizations such as the CDC (Center for Disease
Control), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and HHS (US Department of Human and
Health Services) report that vaccines are upon the safest medical procedures. Recent
concerns of vaccinations connecting diseases such as autism and SIDS has risen to
the surface more than ever. Thimerosal, a drug found in vaccines is one drug thought
to connect autism to the vaccinations. Stated by Ben Balding of Harvard,
“though one committee (the Immunization Safety Review Committee, commissioned
by the Institute of Medicine) concluded that a theoretical link between
thimerosal and autism was biologically plausible, most health experts continue
to assert that there simply is no scientific evidence of a link between the two.”

by the American Academy of Pediatrics “most childhood vaccines are 90%-99%
effective in preventing disease.” This resulted in nearly 2.5 million
children being saved via vaccines each year. Though some reports state there
are side effects of the drugs administered, the CDC reports that nearly 750,000
children were saved from death and that hundreds of millions of diseases were
prevented in a 20-year period.  Mild seizures,
fevers, and brain damage were reported, but were so vague that it was nearly
impossible to pinpoint the vaccines as the sole cause of these symptoms. With
death rates of measles and like-illnesses down by nearly 75 percent, it is
determined that vaccines are necessary and save lives.

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back to 1796, Edward Jenner produced the first vaccination for the fatal
smallpox disease. At this date, the vaccination was optional. Fast-forward to
present day, children are required to obtain 24 vaccines by the age of 15
months. Though the documented successes of vaccinations, parents are still
fighting the stigma that they cause harm to their children. Despites the upcoming
debates of vaccinations, parents should be required by law to vaccinate their

Vaccinations are considered one
of the greatest medical achievements (Balding). Diseases that struck our nation
just a few decades ago have now diminished in numbers due to the assistance of
vaccines. Smallpox, a disease with a thirty-percent fatality rate, has since
been eradicated. The widespread success of vaccinations has led one medical
report to comment that “next to clean water, no single intervention has had so
profound an effect on reducing mortality from childhood diseases as has the
widespread introduction of vaccines.”

Why We Need Them