Thomas of light, wind, Choking dust, wind.

Thomas laid in his bed, felt a darkness around him like air, pressing
in. He panicked; his eyes snapped open as he imagined himself back in the Box
that horrible cube of metal that had delivered him to the Maze. But there was a
small light, and lumps of dim shadow gradually emerged throughout the huge
room. Bunk beds. Dressers. The soft breaths and gurgle snores of boys deep in
Relief was he. He was safe now, rescued. No more worries. No more Grievers.


Good. Rat Man absently
picked up another piece of paper and turned it over. At that point, the Scorch
Trials will have begun. The rules are very simple. Find your way, then head due
north for one hundred miles. Make it to the safe haven within two weeks’ time
and you’ll have completed Phase Two. At that point, you’ll be cured of the
Flare. That’s exactly two weeks – starting the second you step through the
Trans. If you don’t make it, eventually you’ll will be dead.
The room should’ve erupted into arguments, questions, panic. But no one said a
word. Thomas felt as if his tongue had dried.

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Explosions of light, wind, Choking
dust, wind. Ringing in his ears, pain. Wind. He kept going, his eyes glued to
Minho just a few steps ahead of him. He didn’t feel anything for Jack. He
didn’t care if he was permanently deaf. He didn’t care about the others
anymore. The chaos around him seemed to siphon away his humanity, it turn him
into an animal. All he wanted was to survive, make it fast to the building and
get inside. live another day.
Searing white light detonated in front of him, throwing him through the air
again. Even as he flew backward, he screamed, tried to regain his footing – the
explosion had happened right where Minho was. Minho! Thomas was in chock that
felt like every joint in his body came loose, then popped back into place. He
ignored the pain and got up and ran forward, his vision full of darkness mixed
with blurry afterimages. Then he saw flames.

They run on and come to group A and B (who
meanwhile have started looking for the Safe Haven together). The Safe Haven is
a stick in the ground. They arrived an hour early. Slowly the storm starts
again, there are also types of cocoons coming out of the ground. From these
cocoons come zombies they have to fight with. At the moment the storm is too
intense and the zombies almost celebrate, a WICKED helicopter comes to rescue
the group. Few people died. The WICKED man tells
Thomas to choose between Brenda and Jorge (they do not want to save two

Thomas decides not to choose and it turns out to
be a test again. Both Jorge and Brenda survive. The next morning Thomas wakes
up in a white room. Teresa tells Thomas that they are in a building just like
at the beginning, but that he is locked in a room because he is too much
infected by the Flare. Thomas does not trust her and does not want to talk to
her anymore. The last thing she says to him is that WICKED is good.